Sex Resolutions to Make Your Sex Life Better in 2023

Life-changing sex resolutions that you'll actually want to keep. Take a challenge to make your sex life better this year.

Why you should make Sex Resolutions this year

If you’re going to make sex resolutions this year, make sure you’re doing it for good reasons.

Make sex resolutions for positive changes, to make yourself more happy, to get even more from life and to take care of yourself and the sexual aspect of your life.

A positive approach towards sex resolutions will make your journey much more enjoyable.

Sex resolutions for 2023

  1. Start treating masturbation (and sex) as self-care.
    Masturbation – we all do it. It’s natural, it’s healthy, it’s beautiful. Sometimes though people are either ashamed of it or treat it just as a way to release the sexual tension. Masturbation can be much more than that. It can be like a self-care moment – for yourself, with yourself. It can be a good habit of giving yourself pleasure and relaxation. This year try to be more attentive to your needs, be more gentle with yourself and give yourself unrushed masturbation with focusing on the pleasure itself, and not the goal. Make it fancy, just like you’d invite someone for a makeout date. Take a bath or put on some music. Dim lights, get comfortable. Take your time, enjoy yourself and your beautiful body.
  2. Experience new things.
    There must be some things you’ve been always curious to try. Maybe a threesome, costumes, edging or a roleplay? New year is a perfect moment to finally make your wishes come true.
  3. Explore your kinks.
    Is there something on your naughty wishlist that you hesitated to try? Don’t be shy and try them! Exploring your kinks is one of the things that can make your sex life more exciting and fulfilling.
  4. Start feeling good about your desires, sexual pleasure and erotic fantasies. Love your body and appreciate every part of it. It’s time to get rid of guild, shame and other negative feelings that hold you back and take away pleasure from such an amazing thing like sex.
  5. Try something dominant.
    Dominant play is a dream of many gentlemen. It can be very satisfying and fulfilling. It may help you discover your wild side and get more open and expressive in bed. If you feel that domination can be your thing, give it a shot this year.
  6. Try something submissive.
    Trying a submissive play can be very liberating and arousing. It can help you give up control, and just go with the flow. Trying a submissive experience is recommended especially for people who usually are in charge / in control in their everyday lives. Sub play can be like a little escape from always feeling responsible / alert / in charge.
  7. Meet the escort you’ve been planning to meet.
    This resolution suggestion is adressed to gentlemen who’ve been following their favourite escort’s IG for months and didn’t get the courage to book a meeting with her yet. I know you’re out there, gents, waiting for the perfect opportunity to schedule a date. Every day is a new opportunity, so stop postponing the date and finally meet your favourite lady. It’s not as scary as it seems ;*
  8. Learn to express yourself and your needs.
    Communication in sex is very important and it can improve your sex life a lot. This year try to talk more openly with your partner about your sexual needs and fantasies. Don’t be afraid to give suggestions during sex and let them know how you like to be stimulated. It will improve sex for both of you. Make sure you always communicate your boundaries. Boundaries are what makes you feel comfortable, safe and respected during intimate moments.
  9. Try an erotic massage.
    It’s something that can benefit you in so many ways. Sensual massage is something everyone should try at least once. Lingam massage can be a good way of treating yourself to pure relaxation and blissfull fulfillment.
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2023 - a year of sexual self-care

I hope this year will be a time of sexual freedom, self-expression, self-care and unusual pleasures for you.

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