3 Mistakes You Really Want to Avoid When Meeting an Escort

When meeting an escort you might feel a bit lost. Every provider has a little different set of rules regarding making a booking, deposits, screening etc. Some rules, however, remain the same regardless of which escort you’re meeting. Check out the top 3 mistakes you really want to avoid when meeting an escort.

Not paying upfront

Yes, one of the most important rules regards money. You should know that escorts always require payment at the beginning of the meeting. When you come to the girl’s place, she invites you inside, offers you some water/coffee/wine and begins the conversation, it’s the perfect time for you to offer “taking care of the formalities”. If you don’t, you kind of leave the girl no choice but to ask for a payment, which is always a bit awkward. Be a gentleman and pay without asking.

If you meet an escort at your place, you can have the money prepared in an envelope somewhere on a table and hand it to the girl once she arrives.

Remember that in the countries where paying for sex or selling sex is illegal (like USA), escorts might require a different way of handing the money (the donation) – usually it is specified on their websites. Always get familiar with their rules not to cause them any trouble.

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Asking for a discount

This is one of the things that annoy escorts the most. Booking a meeting with an escort is really not a good occasion to bergain (actually trying to lower rates for any service with any provider is inappropriate in my opinion). Why? When you ask the girl to lower her rates, you give her impression that you think her work is not worth the money. I guess it’s not one of the first things you want to tell your future companion, right? When you try to sugarcoat the bergaining and ask for “the best price” or the “special price for me”, you just make it look even worse. The simple rule is – if you can’t afford a provider, find another provider that you can afford instead of asking more expensive escorts for discounts.

Asking questions about personal life

Never ever ask an escort about her personal life – her university, her family, her boyfriend/husband, her kids, her other jobs, her real name, her address, her private phone number, her private Facebook. No explaination needed. Just don’t.

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I hope this list was helpful for you. Or actually – I hope this list wasn’t helpful at all, because you already knew the rules that I mentioned 😉

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