5 Things I NEVER Do on a Date

If you plan to book a meeting with me, you should know those 5 things that I never do on dates.

Things I don't do an dates

There are so many things I enjoy doing on escorts dates. There are also a few that I don’t like and I never engage in. So if you plan to book a meeting with me, make sure they are not a part of your date plan.

Here are 5 things I never do on an escort date:

  • Parties / group meetings
    I do not go for parties and to clubs on escort dates. I also don’t do group meetings, for example as a companion at the meeting with a group of your friends / coworkers, unless it’s a double/triple date with a few of your male friends and a few of my girl friends.
    Party bookings are simply not fun for me. Not entertaining. Not relaxing. For me it’s not a quality time spent together. And when you really think about it, it’s not even time spent together at all – with music playing so loud you can not even exchange a few words without shouting.
  • Shopping
    On the escort dates I also do not go shopping. Shopping malls are crowded and busy, which I don’t like. There’s too much going on. I don’t enjoy shopping, choosing things, trying on clothes, so everything that I can, I get online. Please, never ever take me shopping <3 If you’d like to gift me something, it’s nice if you bring a gift to the date or gift me something directly through my wislist on Wishtender.
  • Places and events where animals are used for entertainment
    It feels very weird to me when animals are used / trained for entertainment and making money. When they spend all their lives practicing tricks for people’s amusement. I really don’t like it and it’s a cringey entertainment for me. So no horse riding / elephant or camel riding, no fake animal “sanctuaries” where animals are used and need to work instead of resting (as they should in real sanctuaries), no dolphin / orca / crocodile / cobra  shows, zoos etc.
5 Things I NEVER Do on a Date
  • Duos with escorts that I don’t know
    I provide Duo meetings only with my friends or reputable escort girls that I might know from the online SW community. I do not do duos with total strangers or random escorts without a solid online presence and verified profiles, as I believe that the atmosphere, chemistry and overall experience is not as good / relaxed as during meetings with escorts I already know, trust and feel comfortable with. So if you want an amazing threesome experience, booking me with one of my close friends is the best choice.
  • Doing drugs
    I don’t know why but many men seem to think that escorts are girls who would always be up for “chilling” and doing illegal drugs together. I know for a fact that clients often even ask if the escort can bring the drugs with her or sell him something or give him some contacts. What a stereotype…
    I do not do any kind of drugs at the meeting and I don’t accept if a client uses or is under influence neither.

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If the activities mentioned above are not your thing and you’d like to book a date with an international escort, let’s talk and set up a date ;*

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