5 Little Things (a Man Can Do) That Every Escort Appreciates.

Sometimes the little things mean the most. Check out those 5 little things you can do that every escort will appreciate.

Paying her the way she prefers

First things first… The payment. Pay the companion the way she prefers. It sounds so obvious, but often it’s not.

Paying an escort smoothly and the way she prefers is like a prefect intro to a date. How can you know what is her preferred way of receiving the money? Just check her website. Most of escorts describe those things on their websites / in their profiles. In my case for example the preferred way is when you put the money into an envelope and in a visible place, so I can collect them easily after I arrive.


I am crazy about perfumes! And I love it sooo much when a man smells nice. It’s like an aphrodisiac to me – a smell of a clean, minty fresh man sprayed with a nice cologne makes me very horny.

Not sure if it’s just my love for perfumes speaking, but I think that every escort likes when a man uses good perfumes. It’s such a deep and strong stimulus and the man’s scent is so tempting. Believe me, the cleaner and fresher smelling you are, the better sex you might get… Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Little things every escort will appreciate - Warsaw escort dates

Show me your hands, and I'll tell you... if I want them inside me.

As we all know, it’s important to prepare well for the date and take care of yourself before the meeting. Sometimes though you might miss a little detail that is so important… Your hands. When a man has nice hands, neat nails, cuticles, soft moisturised skin, it’s really so impressive to me (and for the most girls probably as well).

I get that, you work hard, you’re a busy man… Well, then that’s another good reason to find some time and spoil yourself ;* Get a manicure & hands massage. You’re gonna love it! I’m sure your companion will notice how nice your hands are and she will really appreciate it. Moreover, she will enjoy your touch and caress even more…

When you take care of her comfort

Companions love it when you care about their comfort. What can you do to make her feel comfortable? First fo all, prepare the place nicely, maybe buy some gentle soap for her (if she visits you at your place), offer her some water when she arrives. If you have a longer date planned, ask if you could massage her a bit or maybe go out for a dinner or order some snacks. Little things really matter.

A small gift

Every escort I know loves it when a man comes for a date with a small gift. Its not really about the value of the gift, but about the gesture. The fact that you took some time to think about her and picked something she might like… It’s so sweet. Make sure to check out my Gift Guide to find an inspiration for a perfect gift for your escort.

Don’t feel like you always have to bring something though. For most of escorts gifts are always very much appreciated, but never expected

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