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Good look is something that catches your attention from the moment we meet. Interesting conversation and intriguing personality make you want to know me better. My smell, my touch, warmth of my hand make you want to hold me closer. My dedication and true passion make you want to stay for longer.  Unique experience makes you want to meet me again.

Nicole Kaminski

Erotic masseuse Warsaw

About me

Hello. My name is Nicole. I am a young, beautiful, inteligent woman. What men value in me the most is authenticity and kindness, as well as sexy body, sexy mind and a good sense of humor.

I’m an easygoing and friendly person, that you would enjoy spending time with. I’m the kind of woman that likes to pamper and spoil her man. I’m happy seeing you relaxed and fulfilled when you’re with me.

About me - privately

I love travelling, meeting new people, talking about many various topics and doing new exciting things. I really enjoy being in new places that I can explore and learn about. Every time I visit new country I feel refreshed and inspired.

Taking care of myself is something that gives me great positive energy. I practise yoga everyday and do other sports as a complement of my daily activity. I like swimming, riding a bike and breaking my own records at cardio excercises. I feel great when I’m amongst nature, so long walks are a big pleasure for me and hiking is one of my favourite challanging activities. I’m interested in psychology and criminology. I like to educate myself in many various fields and I read a lot. I’m a creative and artistic person. I enjoy singing, dancing and drawing.

In my life I value my freedom and independence the most. Being able to live my life my way, exploring the world, experiencing new things and spending time with amazing and inspiring people is what I love the most about my life. Being an erotic masseuse is something I really enjoy, it’s the best lifestyle I could choose.


Basic information


25 years old


165 cm


52 kg








English, Polish

Based in

Warsaw, Poland

Available in

All main Polish cities