About me

Escort Warsaw | Nicole Kaminski

I am a young, beautiful, inteligent woman. What people value in me the most is authenticity and kindness, as well as sexy body, sexy mind and a good sense of humor. I’m an easygoing and friendly girl, that you would enjoy spending time with.

I’m a sensitive person and an artistic soul. At the same time I’m very down to earth and I love everything that’s logical. My personality is an interesting mix of sensitivness, strength, creativity, rationality and practicalness.

I’m a free spirit. I love living without limiting myself by a social concept of what a person should be. I value independence and freedom. I like to go where I want to go, do whatever I want to do. I love experiencing – diving in the diversity of life and living my life to the fullest. I am full of live, full of joy, fullf of passion, full of love and I like sharing it with others. Obviously, in my own way.

Sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy.

Independent Escort Warsaw

I am sweet and gentle. At the same time I’m kinkier than you could ever expect. When you first meet me you get a feeling like we’ve known each other for years, but then you get surprised by how much you still haven’t discovered in me.

Naturally I am a very sensual woman. I love touch, closeness and pleasure. Working as an escort & masseuse is really what I love doing, that’s why meetings with me are so unique. I’m the kind of woman that likes to pamper and spoil her man. I’m genuinely happy seeing you relaxed and fulfilled when you’re with me.

Erotic massage Warsaw - private masseuse Nicole Kaminski

What I enjoy

Escort Warsaw | GFE escort

I love learning new things and challenging myself. Currently I focus on learning new foreign languages. In my free time I like to study and explore different subjects that I find interesting at the moment. The subject that I’ve always found interesting is human nature and human relations. I like learning about psychology and sociology. I often watch documentaries and read books about criminal cases and their psychological aspects.

Erotic massage Warsaw - private masseuse Nicole Kaminski





165 cm


52 kg








English, Polish

Massage qualifications

I'm a certified Wellness Therapist

with a specialty in Spa&Wellness massages, Oriental massages and Sport's Regenerative Therapy.

Certified courses that I've finished:

• Classic Massage Course - I and II level

Swedish massage • Therapeutic massage • Relaxing massage • Office massage

• Trigger Points Therapy course

• Myofascial Deep Tissue massage course

• Lymphatic Dreinage course

• Sports Massage course

• Lomi Lomi Massage course

• Balinese & Indonesian Massage course

• Hot Stones Massage course

• Bamboo Massage course

• Shiatsu Massage course

• Chinese Tui-Na Massage course

• Thai Massage course

• Tibetan Massage course

• Russian Honey Massage course

• Aromatic Candle Massage course

• Relaxing Chocolate Massage course

• Ice Massage course

• Turkish Hammam course

• Maroccan Hammam course

• Shirodhara & Traditional Indian Head and Shoulders Massage course

• Ayurvedic Abhianga Massage course

• Udvartana Ayurveda Massage course

• Foot reflexology course

• Anti age / Beauty Massage course

• Chinese Cupping course

• Aromatherapy course

My journey

January 2020 - now

I’ve worked as an erotic masseuse and escort in Warsaw since January 2020. I love living and working in Warsaw and that’s where I’m going to stay for now.

Erotic masseuse and independent escort in Poznan

October 2016 - January 2020

Poznan is my home city and that is where my journey of being an erotic masseuse started. After a few months since I started working as a private erotic maseuse I became one of the best providers in Poznan. I worked in Poznan for a bit more than 3 years and at the end of 2019 I decided to move to the capital of Poland – Warsaw.

Professional non-erotic masseuse in Poznan

June 2015 - October 2016

I started working as a masseuse in a non-erotic massage parlour in Poznan. It was an important and very precious experience. After a bit more than a year I found my path in erotic massages and decided to work as a private erotic masseuse.