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A few words about me

Hello. I’m Nicole Kaminski. I’m an independent, professional erotic masseuse and an escort based in Warsaw, Poland. I’ve worked as an erotic masseuse (and then escort) since 2016.

My work is my passion and my lifestyle. My blog is a place where I can write about things that interest me and express myself. On my blog you can find articles related to massages, wellness, sex, intimacy and more.

What I write about

Massages and erotic massages are the big part of my blog. In this category you can find articles about different kinds of massages from all around the world and different types of erotic massages. If you need some tips on how to receive massages, how to choose a massage or a masseuse, you should definitely explore this section of the blog.

Intimacy and sex is an important subject for everyone and there’s always something more you can discover about sex and about yourself. In the Sex & Intimacy section I publish helpful, educational, interesting and fun posts for men and women, singles and couples, mature people and those who have just started exploring their sexuality.

In this category you can find posts about many different things that are more or less related to the main subject of the blog.

In the ‘Ask a question’ section you can ask me anything you are curious about. Is there something you always wondered about but never had a chance to ask? Now you do.

I’d love you to take part in the discussion under the articles and share your thoughts. I’m always interested to see different opinions and points of view.

If you’re curious about some subjects related to sex, massages etc. or about my experiences, feel free to suggest new subjects for the blog in the link below.