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Blog about erotic massages

Writing has always been a pleasure for me. So has been giving erotic massages. This blog is a place where my two passions meet. I write here about my work as an erotic masseuse, about erotic massages and massage in general. I choose subjects that are interesting for me, subjects that writing about is entertaining and sometimes challenging. I post articles about things that you, as a client may want to learn about. Basing on my experience, my knowledge and my opinions I create texts that hopefully are helpful and fun to read.

What can you find on this blog?

Nicole Kaminski Blog - blog about erotic massage

The main subject of the blog is obviously erotic massage. You can find here posts about my erotic massage sessions and updates about my services. In the blog you will find articles about the erotic massage industry and the backstage of working as an erotic masseuse. The most popular series on this blog are tips for clients. If you want to find out how to find a good erotic masseuse, what to do and not to do on an erotic massage session or you’re interested to learn how to give a relaxing erotic massage, you will definitely find this blog interesting.
I do get personal sometimes, so you will find here a few posts about my personal experiences, my likes and dislikes and very casual posts – sometimes barely related to erotic massages ; )

It's worth to stay updated

My blog: updates and special erotic massage offers

A big part of the blog are the updates. It is really worth staying updated. From time to time I post here about special offers for erotic massage. I like to give special offers to make things more interesting. If you want to know about my limited offers, news in my massage services and you want to get information about discounted erotic massages sessions, visit the blog regularly.