How to avoid scams when booking an escort in Warsaw? How to book the best Warsaw escorts?

How to avoid scams when booking an escort meeting in Warsaw? | Tips from a top Warsaw escort

Booking an escort often isn’t easy. Especially when you’re abroad. Usually you don’t know where to find reputable escorts or just can’t figure out which profiles are trustworthy and which only seem to be. To avoid getting scammed when booking an escort meeting in Warsaw you must follow a few simple rules.

How to avoid scams when booking an escort girl in Warsaw?

Always choose verified and independent escorts

If you’re looking for good service and real, professional providers, it’s best to choose only verified and independent girls. It’s not a secret that usually independent girls provide better service and the booking process is more discreet and personal. Also, when you meet an independent escort, you know who you’re meeting. When booking an escort meeting in an agency you often can not choose the girl or you don’t even have a list of profiles of the girls that work there. Usually the agency sends the first available, randomly chosen girl to you.

Setting up an appointment in an agency always means that a few different people are involved (for example a receptionist). When booking an independent escort in Warsaw, you don’t have to worry about the discretion. If you decide you want to meet a private companion, you can also be sure that she’s going to be the only person you’re going to meet. No other girls or clients in her incall apartment and no ‘bodyguards’ coming with the girl to your door when meeting at your place.

Avoid local escort directories

Local Polish directories are not the best place to find escorts. The Polish websites don’t have any good verification process and are really full of scam profiles or profiles of girls with a really low service level. As a foreigner you are at even greater risk of getting scammed because often those girls trigger foreigners.

On the Polish directories anyone can put on an ad and attach fake photos taken from the internet, stolen from other escorts or photos bought from some friends or models. It’s also hard to tell which of the girls is independent and which profiles belong to agencies, because on the Polish directories there is no such information specified in the profile. And even if there is a category for ladies and a seperate category for private girls, it very often happens that agency girls pretend to be independent to get more clients.

It’s better for you to stick to international, reputable directories like which has a great verification process (including sending the face photo and a scan of passport). On the directory you can filter profiles to view only the ads of independent and verified girls.

There is another great advantage of international directories – the girls advertising there most likely speak English. Girls from local directories often don’t speak English, don’t meet foreigners or don’t accept foreign currencies.

Send deposits only to reliable providers

If you found an escort you’re interested to meet and she requires a deposit, always make sure that the girl is a reputable provider. If she has a website, social media, ID verified escort profiles that remain the same (only updated) for a few years, she has some comments under her escort ads, if she shows her face and if she has a clear deposit&cancellation policy stated on her website then you can be more open to trust her – these are the signs that make her more trustworthy. Not every escort must have everything that I mentioned – but the more of the things from the list are checked ✓, the more likely it is that she’s a good provider.

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