erotic swedish massage vs gfe nuru massage

Classic relaxation massage, Hot Nuru and GFE massage - What are the differences?

Sometimes I get a question from clients who are new to erotic massages – What is the difference between “Classic Relaxation” massage, Hot Nuru massage and GFE massage and which one to choose? Let’s take a quick look at the massages and the differences between them.


Classic Relaxation massage

This is an erotic massage in the most classic version – full body Swedish massage ended with Lingam massage (manual happy ending).

This massage will be the right choice for you if:
– your main goal is to relax
– you need to reduce muscle tension and soreness
– massage with a manual happy ending is fully satisfying for you
– you are new to massages and like to start slow
– you like to stay passive during massage (or just touch the masseuse during the happy ending)


GFE massage and Hot NURU

This is the most erotic massage in my services. It includes Swedish massage, body to body massage and manual or oral happy ending (Hot NURU and GFE massage) or sex (GFE massage). During this massage you can feel more closeness and passion – we can rub, touch, hug and kiss each other. It’s also possible to take a bath/shower together and have a mutual massage.

The GFE and Hot NURU massages will be the right choice for you if:
– your main goal is not have a sensual, hot, relaxing experience
– you need more closeness and tenderness
– you prefer to finishe the massage with oral happy ending (Hot NURU and GFE massage) or sex (GFE massage)
– you’re interested in body to body massage
– you like mutual touch during massage
– you like to be more active during the massage session
– you would like to take a shower or bath together to relax and get comfortable
– you tried Swedish massages and you are curious to try something more

I believe this small sum up will make it even easier for you to choose the perfect massage for yourself.

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