Classic Relaxation Massage


60 min or 90 min

It consist of:

When to choose it:

This massage is perfect for you if you want to relax and relieve your muscles tension. During this kind of erotic massage you stay rather passive, enjoying the relaxation. At the end of session, during the intimate massage, you can become more active and touch me. Choose this type of massage if your main need is a relaxation.

Additional options

(no extra charge)

About the massage:

Classic Relaxation massage is a full body massage made with hands. Classic massage is nice and calm – however it can be done softer or stronger, depending on your needs. During the masage there is a nice atmosphere. The Swedish massage and the relaxing music will make you forget about the world around and your everyday worries.

During the massage I take care of every part of your body. Softer and stronger techniques will relax your tense muscles. The Swedish massage can help you get rid of the muscles pain and make you feel younger, healthier and full of the energy. 

The classic massage is a great beginning for the intimate massage. When you are relaxed, you are able to feel a lot more and the extasy is even nicer.
Massage is ended with the slow and sensual massage of the intimate parts.




70 €

320 zł


100 €

450 zł

Other cities



680 zł