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Top Clients' Questions: Incall Escort Meetings in Warsaw

Clients planning an incall escort meeting in Warsaw with me often ask me those questions. Check out those top clients’ questions if you’re planning an incall date with me.

You might have already seen my previous post “The most popular clients’ questions: Escort Dates In Hotels“. Now it’s time to take a look at the cleints’ questions about incall escort dates in Warsaw.

How to prepare for an incall escort date?
Before the date take some time to relax. Take a long bath or shower and prepare your body well for the intimate date.

Where is your apartment in Warsaw?
For incall dates I always rent a modern, comfortable apartment in the center of Warsaw. You will receive the exact address and directions after we book the meeting.

When should I arrive? 5 minutes earlier? Right on time? 5 minutes late?
It’s best if you arrive right on time. If you’re at the address earlier, feel free to text me and ask if you can come up earlier. if you know you’re going to be late, always let me know.

Should I bring the condoms?
No, you don’t have to bring the condoms. I always use my own condoms.

Should I bring something else with me?
Generally you don’t have to bring anything to the date. I always have all the things we might need with me.

If you want, you can bring a bottle of wine with you or if you’d like to gift me something, you can bring a little gift.

When and how should I pay?
When we meet at my place, you can bring the money in an envelope. After I welcome you and we sit down to chat a bit, that’s the perfect time to take care of the formalities.

Can I book an overnight meeting with you at your place?
Sure. We can meet at my place for a 12-15 meeting. During a 12h meeting it’s nice to plan going out for a dinner. At a 15h meeting we can also order a nice breakfast and enjoy a lazy morning together.

Can we go out for dinner during incall dates?
Sure. During an extended incall meeting we can go out for a dinner / lunch / drink. For dinner dates I suggest at least 3h meetings, so we don’t have to rush things.

Do you do incall meetings in other cities than Warsaw?
No. Incall meetings are available only in Warsaw. In other cities I meet only for outcalls.

If you plan to book an incall date with me and you have some questions, feel free to text me.

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