Differences between a "regular" / "normal" massage and erotic massage.

Depending on a masseuse or a massage salon, the differences between erotic massages and “normal massages” can be very small or very big. If you tried both – erotic and non-erotic massages, you probably noticed basic differences. Let’s take a look at all the similarities and differences between “normal” and erotic massages.

What is a "normal massage" and erotic massage?

By “regular/normal” massage I mean mainly Swedish massage, as it’s the most popular. Erotic massage however can mean all kinds and mixes of full body sensual massages, Swedish happy ending massage, Nuru massage, tantric massages etc.

How are those massages different?

Basic differences

Let’s start with the most obvious things. During the regular massage the massage therapist is clothed and the client is naked or is wearing only single-use underwear or his/her intimate parts are covered with a towel.

During erotic massages usually both – the masseuse/masseure and the client are naked. However there may be exceptions. During some very light erotic massages, the massage therapist can be clothed, wear lingerie / a dress / pareo (while the client is still naked).

Massage range

Non-erotic Swedish massage doesn’t include intimate parts massage (nor breasts massage for women).

Erotic massage is a full body massage, including the intimate parts and breasts massage for women. Of course it all depends on the agreement between the client and the massage provider. If the client chooses to have an erotic massage, he/she is of course still able to decide what kind of touch she/he allows and set their boundaries.

Massage goal

The basic goal of regular massage is to relax the client, work with body, dicrease muscle stiffness, soreness and reduce muscle knots.

Erotic massage can also work that way. Additionally erotic massage is supposed to be sensual, awaken clients desire, give him/her lots of erotic pleasure and satisfy his sexual needs. Depending on the masseuse and the massage type, the erotic massage can be just light and sensual or it can also benefit the client the same way as a classic version of Swedish massage.

Massage techniques

If you compare a non-erotic Swedish massage to a happy ending Swedish massage, you will see that the massages are very similar. The erotic massage can be a bit slower, a bit lighter and often it doesn’t involve very dynamic techniques like tapping.

But if you compare the Swedish massage to, let’s say, NURU body to body massage, you will clearly see that the massages are totally different. Swedish massage is made with hands. It focuses on different parts of the body and uses different techniques. In body to body massage there are no specific techniques. The massage is a sensual body-to-body rubbing and often involves mutual touch.

Massage therapists

When you book an erotic massage at a salon, you choose a masseuse and expect to meet the chosen girl. Usually you end up with a chosen provider. It’s similar to when you book an independent erotic masseuse.

When you book massage in a massage salon, you often don’t know who is going to be your therapist. The therapists are assigned to each client based on their skills and the massage type chosen by the client. It may turn out that you’re going to have a massage session with a man. Generally in non-erotic massages the gender isn’t that important (especially for the providers), but I know that men mostly don’t feel comfotable receiving massage from another man. Interesting thing – many women prefer to meet female therapists as well.

There is a general tendency that non-erotic massage providers are more professional and their massages are better. It’s a very general rule and it’s not always right. You can of course meet non-erotic providers who give very bad massage and you can meet erotic massage providers who are very professional at what they do. Anyway, when looking for an erotic massage it is (unfortunately) more likely to book a provider that doesn’t know much about real massage.

The looks of providers is very different too. Erotic masseuses are usually slim, pretty girls. They wear feminine clothes/lingerie and nice makeup, because looks is important at their work. Non erotic providers usually do not focus that much on looks. They certainly do not aim to look sexy or appealing for clients in any way.

Massage room

Massage rooms are quite similar wheather they’re made for regular or erotic massages. The only significant difference is that in erotic massage room / massage salon, you will usually find big mirrors next to the massage table or mattress. And it’s more popular to have erotic massages on mattress or a bed, when non-erotic massages like Swedish massage are almost always made on a massage table.

These are all important differences that come to my mind. Is there something more worth mentioning? Let me know in the comments.

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