Discrimination of Clients in Escort Business

A few words about discriminatory behaviours of (some) escorts.

When a client gets discriminated....

It’s XXI century and one could assume we are all past discrimination, especially in the escort industry, where we, sex-workers, know too well how it feels to be discriminated against.

Unfortunately that couldn’t be further from truth. There are many (too many) escorts who openly state in their ads that they don’t accept clients of certain groups.  “No AA”, “no men below/above certain age”, “accepting only fit men” are only some of discriminatory statements you can find in escort profiles and on Twitter.

I’ve heard many stories of clients who were refused escort service simply based on their race or looks. The discrimination is actually so common, that the more experienced gentlemen feel the need to mention for example their race in the first message, just to make sure that they won’t be rejected again (or actually to make sure they rather get rejected after their first message than at the meeting).

Every time I receive an introduction message that starts with a question like “Do you accept Black Men / Indian Men?” or “I’m not that young or fit anymore. Is it okay?” I know that there are at least a few stories of experiencing discriminatory behaviours behind that question and it really makes me sad. I’m shocked there’s still racism, agism, fat-phobia, body-shaming etc. in the escort industry.

Discrimination in escort business - racism, fat shaming, body shaming, ageism

Defending racism?

Many escorts or even clients strongly defend their racist views (of all the discriminatory views, racism seems to be the most visible issue, especially on SW Twitter) and try to use the twisted logic of “I can choose who I want to provide my service to”.

Of course, every business can refuse service to whomever they want. But if you choose to refuse your service to clients based on their race, then guess what, you’re racist. If a barber, doctor, accountant, a hotel or a restaurant decided to exclude all clients of a certain race, would it be okay? Of course not, that would be plain racism. Then why do some still believe that it’s okay to refuse service based on race in the escort business?

Some escorts try to defend their racism with the argument of “repeat bad experiences” with clients of a certain race. The thing that amazes me is that the rule of “repeat bad experiences” seems to apply only to People Of Colour. I’ve never heard an escort say that she refuses to take White clients, because she had repeat bad experiences with White men. Why? Because minorities are so easy to exclude. It’s so easy to make assumptions about the whole race based on a few rude people of this race, as long as it’s not a White race.

I’ve seen so many racist threads on Twitter… Girls openly admitting that they hate clients of this nationality or of this race. Throwing racial stereotypes as arguments not to accept clients of certain races, really disgusting stereotypes. It’s really awfull to read.

But when you think about it, actually, it’s kind of nice that they out themselves as racists. It’s nice that you and me know who they really are and we can choose not to interact with them, not to retweet/promote them, not to use their services and not to support their business with our money.

Too young, too old...

It happens that clients get refused service also based on their age. (*Obviously, escort service is only for adults and it’s clear and understandable that clients who are not adult will not be accepted.)

Some clients are apparently still “too young” or on the contrary, “too old” to get service from certain escorts. Excluding clients of certain age, just as excluding clients of certain race, is also based on prejudice and assumptions. I’m not going to explain here how the young and the older clients are perceived by those escorts who exclude them, but if you really want to know, I’m sure you will easily find those conversations on SW Twitter.

Body shaming in all forms

Escorts are people who provide services for client’s physical pleasure and physical wellness. Just like massage therapists, aestheticians or yoga instructors, they should respect their client’s bodies and make clients feel comfortable. They should be aware that at the meeting client is in a very vulnerable position and they should create an atmosphere of trust.

Unfortunately some escorts seem not to understand the nature of their job. Fat shaming is quite commong amongst escorts. Clients with physical disabilities also often find it hard to find escort service.

When it comes to body hair, the subject is sizzling hot and toxic as well. On one hand, some escorts shame clients who prefer to keep hair in their intimate parts, claiming that it’s not hygenic. On the other hand some other escorts shame clients who prefer women with shaved intimate areas – even claiming that it’s an “unhealthy preference” of men who want girls to look young or even child-like. Oh you crazy Twitter, why do you show me this type of posts??

Kink shaming served by escorts

And here is the last, but not the least shocking form of shaming served by escorts that I’d like to mention – kink shaming.

For a little background – people who like to have fun with kink know this expression very well “Your Kink Is Not My Kink And That’s OK”, meaning that even if I have different preferences in sex than you do and I’m not into the same kinks as you, we should respect each other’s preferences and not disrespect or judge each other for our kinks.

You’d think that sex workers would be professionals who create a safe space of acceptance and that they’d understand that people are allowed to have various sexual kinks. But not every escort is professional like that.

Clients get shamed (in private messages and publically on social media) for their kinks on daily basis by escorts who think their kinks are “sick” or “disgusting”.

That really blows my mind how judgemental some sex workers can be…

Inclusivity in escort business

Luckily for us all, most of escorts are kind, openminded, accepting people who respect their clients, their bodies, their backgrounds, their sexual preferences and who provide inclusive service for their clients.

I wish inclusivity were strongly communicated by escorts in their profiles, websites and on social media to show clients that they are welcome, to start a positive trend of inclusvity in the escort industry (as so many other industries already got inclusive for diverse clients) and to make it easier for clients to find escorts who are not racist or discriminatory in any other way.

If you’re an inclusive escort and you’re reading this post, I’d like to encourage you to add the information about inclusivity in your ad / on your website / in your social media using hashtags like #inclusivity #InclusiveCompanion .

I’m so happy to see that some escort directories such as Tryst take action against racist providers, not allowing “no AA” statements in the escort profiles on their platform and I hope in the future more platforms will do that as well.

Booking a date with inclusive escort

As an inclusive escort I meet clients of all backgrounds, clients of all age (18+), all shape and size. I also meet clients with physical disabilities and I am fetish-friendly / kink-friendly.

You can read more about it in this post: Inclusivity.

If you’d like to book a date with me, make sure to get familiar with my website and booking instructions in the link below:

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