What I Love In Sex And Dating [LIST & GIFs]

What is a perfect date like for me? What restaurants and hotels do i like? What are my favourite things in sex? Take a look at my Enjoy List

My ideal date

My ideal date would be an unrushed extended meeting (for example 6 or 12h) that starts in the late afternoon or evening – it’s my favourite time for dating. It would take place in the gentleman’s apartment or a hotel room or it could start with a dinner at a restaurant or a cocktail at a lobby bar.

When meeting my regular clients I like to have even longer dates, maybe travel together, explore the city together and enjoy each other a bit more.

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When it comes to the place where we are staying (or where I visit you), I like nice, comfortable and cosy 4* and 5* hotels. If there’s a restaurant, sauna, jaccuzzi, pool or SPA in the hotel, it’s even more ideal. It gives us more opportunities to have a lovely relaxing date.

You can check the list of my favourite hotels for an escort date in Warsaw in this post.

Restaurants, dining, drinks

Dinner date is such a great idea for a meeting. I enjoy dining at restaurants with a nice, relaxed atmosphere, where we can feel comfortable, have delicious dinner and chat – maybe over a glass of wine (white sweet wine is my favourite).

Generally I am not very picky when it comes to food. I love Polish cuisine, so if you’re a foreigner visiting Poland, we can go to one of the Polish restaurants. I also like to explore different cuisines, try new things, so European / Asian / African restaurants are always a great choice.

Social time

Social time is a big part of extended dates. I truly enjoy dates during which we can chill and relax together. Having a massage at a hotel SPA is a perfect idea for a relaxing date. I also like having a mutual massage at the hotel room – when we give massage to each other and enjoy this amazing session together. Going to sauna or jacuzzi can be a good intro to this type of session.

If we plan a bit more active date, I’m always up for a romantic evening walk. Especially in the summer. The atmosphere during the summer slow calm evening that ends a hot sunny day is so amazing. The warmth, the colours of a sky, the scents, the happiness and excitement of people on the streets… It’s such a wonderful time.

Sometimes we may feel like we want to stay at home. In this case, I love to stay on a sofa under a blanket or in bed, cuddle and watch a movie or some show together. We can order some snacks or dinner and enjoy the sweet laziness together. It’s one of those simple pleasure that I never get bored of.


There are so many different things I like in sex. Often it all depends on our chemistry and a mix of our temperaments.

I love passionate sex with a nice foreplay, maybe some mutual massage, when we arrouse and tease each other, making each other more and more horny, but taking it slow… A foreplay with lots of French kisses and sensual touch.

I also like a bit nuaghty sex, when I can be submissive and you can be dominant. I enjoy giving oral sex, especially when I see how much you like it. I enjoy the feeling of being controlled – when I can feel your body on me or when you take me from behind. I love to feel your pleasure, I enjoy it when you express it…

Some things are better when you show them them instead of describing them ;*
In the GIF gallery below you can see what things I like in sex. 


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Cuddling, passionate kissing and slow foreplay...

When you gently rub and lick my boobs

When I sit on your laps and you put your hand in my panties

Lying in bed with you, under sheets, rubbing your penis with my ass and teasing you. Then feeling you sliding in gently from behind.

When we're spooning and you hold me, and you take me from behind

Sex in darkness

Having fun in bath or in the shower

Handjob - teasing and edging

Read more about edging.

Blowjob under desk...

...or when you sit in a char / on a sofa

Licking and sucking your fingers

Upside-down blowjob

Classic 69

Blowjob & pussy rubbing, fingering

Mutual masturbation

When you rub my pussy and finger me from behind

When you sit behind me and play with my pussy

When I lay on your laps and you play with my pussy

When we kiss and you gently finger me and rub me

When you tease my clit with your penis

When you gently tap my aroused pussy

When you lick&suck my clit and finger my wet pussy

Sitting on your face

When you take me from behind in a classic way...

... or when I lay on my belly.

When you fuck me with just a tip of your penis at the beginning.

When you bend me over a bed...

... over a desk...

...or a kitchen table

When you slap my ass ...

... when you grab my arms ...

... when you gently grab my throat ...

... or totally dominate me ...

When I ride you...

... or when I'm on top and you fuck me nice and deep

A classic missionary position...

... or with my legs on your shoulders ...

... or when you go fast and deep like this ...

And it really, really turns me one when I can see how much you like what we're doing...

If you like similar things in dating and sex, then I can’t wait to meet you ;* Book a meeting with me (instructions here)

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