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Erotic massage for women - Warsaw

Erotic massages for women were added recently to my services. There are 4 different massage sessions to choose from. Start with something light or enjoy the very sensual and erotic massage…

My massages - erotic massages for women

"Gentle Touch" massage

The “Gentle Touch” massage is a very lightly erotic massage. It’s a relaxing Swedish massage of almost full body. This massage doesn’t involve Yoni massage – the erotic massage of vagina. The “Gentle Touch” massage is created for women who would like to try sensual massage, but are not ready for the full erotic massage including vagina massage.

"Sensual Relaxation" massage

“Sensual Relaxation” is a full body Swedish massage. It is very relaxing and adjusted to your needs and preferences. The sensual part of massage involves a sensitive massage of breasts, belly and thighs. The massage is finished with long intimate Yoni massage – the massage of vagina that leads to an amazing orgasm (or multiple orgasms).

"Blissful Moment" massage

The “Blissful Moment” massage is the most erotic massage for women of all. After a relaxing massage of the whole body, we will start a sensual NURU body to body massage. I will spread oil on your body and mine and will gently rub your body with mine. During the massage you can touch me, hug me and we can kiss passionately. If you like, we can have the mutual massage too.

TANOMI massage

TANOMI massage is my authorial massage. I included in it everything that is the most important, the most precious in massages for me. I’d like the Tanomi massage to reflect my approach to massage, relaxation, body and sexuality.

When creating Tanomi massage, I took care of each aspect of massage. Tanomi’s primary goal is to relax. It’s a massage during which you can totally switch off, focus on yourself, your pleasure and enjoy the long session.

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