Happy Beginning Massage – Everything You Should Know

Starting an erotic massage with a Happy Beginning? Why not! Learn more about why you should try a happy beginning massage.

Does it sound familiar to you? You had an erotic massage with a happy ending again – and again you feel unsatisfied. You didn’t relax as much as you’d like and the happy ending didn’t make you as fulfilled as you’d expect…

How about fetting an erotic massage with a happy beginning? Find out, what the session looks like, who it’s recommended for and why (for many men) it’s a better choice than a standard version of an erotic massage.

Happy Beginning Massage - For who and why?

Erotic massages have two main goals – to bring relaxation and give fulfillment. Usually an erotic session begins with a relaxing full body massage and is finished with a happy ending. This type of massage is not satisfying for everyone.

If you are a man who gets aroused easily or you’ve accumulated lots of sexual tension, it might be hard for you to fully chill out during massage. The time of relaxation and bliss will be interrupted by waves of arousal. Instead of enjoying a soothing touch, you will be waiting for the finale or you will want to skip the massage and get to the happy ending. That’s not really what you want, right?

If you feel that yo get distracted and aroused during an erotic massage and it interrupts your relaxation, you should consider trying a massage with a happy beginning (or with both, happy beginning and happy ending).

erotic massage with double happy ending - double fulfillment

What does a Happy Beginning Massage look like?

Depending on which variant you choose, the session may involve a sensual beginning and then massage or a sensual beginning, massage and sensual ending.

1. Happy Beginning

The session begins with a delicate massage of the front and sensual Lingam massage. More erotic massages may als involve oral sex and classic sex. The sensual beginning leads to the first fulfillment. It reduces the tension and lets you enjoy the further massage fully.

2. Relaxing Massage

The second part of the session is a relaxing Swedish massage of your whole body (done after a refreshing shower). It’s your time to relax. You can switch off, calm down and focus only on your pleasure. Massage done after an orgasm is a totally different experience.

Depending on the type of massage you chose, the session may involve Nuru massage, mutual massage and affection as well.

3. Happy Ending

The last part of the session is dedicated to the finale. It’s time for awakening your arousal and sensuality. The intimate massage (or/and sex, caress) received after deeply relaxing massage is very intense and satisfying. After the massage “with two happy endings” you will feel relaxed, calm and fulfilled.

Happy Beginning Massage - FAQ

Is happy Ending Massage for me?

I’m worried that a massage started with a happy beginning will spoil the mood and ruin the whole concept of the erotic massage. Should I be concerned about it? Is Happy Beginning Massage for me?

There’s no need to worry. Massage that begins with a delicate massage (of the front and intimate parts) and a happy beginning is as sensual as the standard version of an erotic massage. The first happy ending is tender and sensitive. It’s NOT just a quick handjob done only to get an orgasm.

A common and general concept for an erotic massage is a slow session that leads to an exciting finale. But this kind of massage is not satisfying for everyone. In many cases the first happy ending allows a client to fully enjoy the relaxing massage and getting to the second happy ending. So if you feel that happy beginning massage might be something for you, it’s really forth giving it a try.

How long should a Happy Beginning Massage last?

How long should a massage session be if I’m interested in getting two hapy endings? What if I can not get an orgasm the second time?

If you’d like to have a session with two fulfillments, I recommend choosing a session that lasts at least 90 minutes. This amount of time will let us have two finales and the massage without any rush. During a long massage session you will have plenty of time to recharge energy before the second happy ending.
During the second finale you should not feel any pressure. It might happen that reaching an orgasm will be difficult. It’s not a problem. The second finale can be just a nice intimate massage without an orgasm. It will be a nice experience anyway.

How to find a Happy Beginning Massage?

I can’t find a masseuse that provides a Happy Beginning Massage. Is that service not poopular?
A Happy Beginning Massage is not always listed in the profiles of masseuses or on their websites. However, many masseuses are willing to provide a happy beginning massage if you request it. Note that sometimes, if you wish to have two fulfillments, you’re going to have to pay extra for the Happy Beginning. So if you’re looking for a Happy Beginning massage in your area, try to search for an erotic massage and ask the masseuse if getting a happy Beginning is an option.

Looking for Happy Beginning Massage in Warsaw?

If you’re looking for a Happy Beginning massage or even a regular erotic massage in Warsaw, make sure to get familiar with my services and schedule your dream session with me.

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