Relaxation that you deserve...

Do you need a good, professional massage that will bring relief to your tense muscles, give you a deep relaxation and a nice, sensual fulfillment at the end?

By choosing a massage session from my offer you can really do something good for yourself and get more pleasure and benefits than you could ever expect.

I’m a professional, experienced masseuse. I offer massage sessions in 2 variants, so that everyone can choose something that suits their needs.

Professional massage

Good atmosphere

Great communication

Natural sensuality

Passion for massage

Professional massage

Good atmosphere

Great communication

Natural sensuality

Passion for massage


Massage in Warsaw

Warsaw is my base city. I offer outcall massage in Warsaw – I can visit you in your apartment or a hotel room.

  • Massage in Warsaw

Massage in another city

I can come for a massage session to your city.

I can offer 2 different massage sessions:

Classic relaxation

  • Full body Swedish massage
  • manual hapy ending (Lingam massage)
  • touching me is allowed

Classic Relaxation massage is a full body massage made with hands. Classic massage is nice and calm – however it can be done softer or stronger, depending on your needs. During the masage there is a nice atmosphere. The Swedish massage and the relaxing music will make you forget about the world around and your everyday worries.

During the massage I take care of every part of your body. Softer and stronger techniques will relax your tense muscles. The Swedish massage can help you get rid of the muscles pain and make you feel younger, healthier and full of the energy. 

The classic massage is a great beginning for the intimate massage. When you are relaxed, you are able to feel a lot more and the extasy is even nicer.
Massage is ended with the slow and sensual massage of the intimate parts.

When to choose this massage?

This massage is prfect for you if you want to relax and relieve your muscles tension. During this kind of erotic massage you stay rather passive, enjoying the relaxation. At the end of session, during the intimate massage, you can become more active and touch me. Choose this type of massage if your main need is a relaxation.



70 €

300 zł


100 €

440 zł

Other cities


220 €

980 zł


250 €

1.100 zł

GFE massage

  • Full body Swedish massage
  • NURU body to body massage
  • kissing
  • mutual touch
  • caress
  • oral or manual happy ending
  • mutual massage possible
  • shower/bath together possible
  • jaccuzzi/sauna together possible

The GFE massage is the most erotic massage of all. After the classic massage of the whole body I will start a very tempting nuru massage.

I will spread oil on my body and will rub you with my breasts, belly, thighs and butt. I will be pampering and kissing you. You can also kiss me and touch every inch of my oily body. Body to body massage is very arousing and sexual. During the nuru massage we can be both active and decide about the massage will go and what will happen next.

We can finish the massage with a manual or oral happy ending. Both manual and oral happy endings done by me are very sensual and nice. During the massage it’s also possible to: take a shower together, have a mutual massage.

When to choose this massage?

GFE massage will be perfect for you if you need more closeness, caress and if you are interested in a highly erotic massage. GFE massage will be the right choice if you like being active during massage session, you like mutual touch or mutual massage or if you like options like oral happy ending or a bath together.



130 €

580 zł


170 €

750 zł


200 €

880 zł

Other cities


280 €

1250 zł


320 €

1400 zł


350 €

1550 zł

Additional options (no extra payment):
– double fulfillment (at the begining and the end of massage)
– stockings

All you need to know about the massage session

How the time of the massage is counted?

The time is counted from the beginning of massage to its end. It means that when you book for example an our massaage, you get minimum one hour off massage with happy ending. Additionally you have time to prepare for massage and take a shower and the time to have some rest after the massage, drink some water and shower without rush.
If we take a shower or a bath together before or after the massage, this time is also counted into the massage time. If you use some of additional options (double happy ending, body scrub), it is also counted in.

How should I prepare for the massage?

Massage in an apartment and a hotel room: Shortly before my arrival take a shower. If you stay in a hotela and you want to prepare even better, you can visit the hotel sauna or take a few minutes to relax in the jaccuzzi.

Remember you should prepare 1 big towel to spread on the bed, to protect it from staining with oil, as well as another towel for me to use after the shower. If there’s a box of tissues in your room, it will be good if you put it next to the bed.

That’s all. You don’t need to prepare anything else. I’m going to have the massage oil with me.

To create a nice, relaxing aura I always bring a portable speaker and I play my relaxing music playlist.

Which time option to choose?

The optimal time for massage is 60-90 minutes. This amount of time lets you relax deeply and enjoy the solid full body massage with a long, very sensual Lingam massage.

If you are experienced in getting massages and you preffer very long sessions, you can choose the 120min. massages to benefit even more from the session. Also, if you want to book a GFE Massage and you’d like to spend more time together (for example take a bath, go to sauna / jaccuzzi), the 120 minute session will be the right choice for you.

Can the massage take longer?

That depends what kind of massage you mean. Generally I make maximum 1.5h active massage and this time can not be extended. The massage session can take longer if the extended time is used for other activities, for example if you’d like to have a long sauna session together or if you’d like to give me massage or if after the massage you want to take a bath together or if you plan to take some time to get to know each other before the massage, have coffe etc. If you’re interested in long massage sessions, please let me know while making a booking.

What kind of oils do you use during the massage?

I use 100% natural almond oil for all of my massages. It is very neutral and doesn’t have any smell (it’s discreet). Almond oil is healthy for the skin. It washes easily in the shower.

I use the almond oil also for the NURU massage, because in my opinion it’s much better than the dedicated NURU gel. The oil gives the perfect glide, but thanks to its oily formula and the thin layer that it creates on the skin, it lets the skin of our bodies softly rub each other. The NURU gel creates a thick layer, is extremely slippery and practically you can not feel the nice friction on the body. Also the oil keeps our bodies warm, while the nuru gel gives the constant feeling of wetness, because it’s water-based. Even when it’s hot in the room, the body gets cold easily, because it’s “wet” all the time.
Maybe it’s unpopular opinion about the nuru gels, but after testing many different very good and professional brands of gels, I made my conclusions and decided to use the good, classic, natural oil : )

Where can the massage take place?

I offer outcall erotic massages in Warsaw.
I can visit you in your apartment or a hotel room.

You can find more questions and answers about massage is the general FAQ section


Frequently asked questions about the massage

How long have you worked as a masseuse?

I’ve worked as a masseuse since 2015 and as an erotic masseuse since 2016.

Are you an independent masseuse or you work for the massage parlour / massage salon / agency?

I’m an independent masseuse. I do not work for any massage salon / agency. My offer is private.

Do you offer prostate massage / massage with foot fetish? Can you wear stockings during the massage?

If you have any special requests regarding massage, please contact me to discuss the details individually.

Do you offer duo massage?

No, I do not offer duo massages.

Do you offer incall erotic massage in Warsaw?

No. I don’t offer incall massages. I offer only outcall, mobile erotic massages in Warsaw.

You can find more questions and answers about massage in the general FAQ section

You can read more about erotic massages on my blog.

Interested to book an erotic massage in Warsaw?

Read more about it here:


  1. I meet at least for 1h in Warsaw and other Polish cities.
  2. In case of meeting in other city than Warsaw (or in case of a meeting in Warsaw in other place than a hotel) with a new client for the first time, I require a 20% deposit. I do not meet men for whom sending a deposit for Fly Me To You date is a problem. In case of a meeting in Warsaw, in a hotel, I do not require a deposit.
  3. Accepted deposit payment methods: PayPal, BLIK cheque, gift cards (AmazonDE, ZalandoPL), Bitcoin.
  4. In case of the mobile massage in Poland, the travel costs are already in the price.
  5. If you cancel the date later than 48h in advance, the deposit will not be returned and will be treated as a compensation. If you cancel the date 48h before the meeting or earlier, the money will be kept as a deposit for our next date that should be scheduled during next 4 weeks. If you cancel/reschedule our meeting 2 times in a row, the deposit will not be returned. If for any reason the date will be cancelled by me, the deposit will be sent back to you by PayPal or a gift card.
  6. I accept EUR and PLN.