Escort Dates vs Tinder. Why do Men Choose Professionals?

“Private dating” and dating on Tinder is a tricky game. No wonder many men choose to date professional escorts. How meeting escorts is different (better?) than Tinder dates?

Dating is like...

Private dating may often feel like a battle. Or at least like a strategy game where you need to know all the hacks and tricks… Escort dating world however is like entering a safe space where you can feel appreciated & respected, where you can focus just on the pleasant part of dating and skip all the games and drama. *

* If you know how to choose reliable and professional providers, of course. Tips here.

How dating escorts is different (and probably better) than dating on Tinder /  “private” dating?

You know who you're meeting.

When you choose to meet an escort, you know who you’re meeting. You can check all the details in her profile, read her website, find out who she is, what she likes, you can see her photos and social media. If you choose a verified escort, you can be almost sure she’s an established provider. It’s so much safer than meeting totally random people from a dating app.

You can choose a girl that is just your type

What does “It’s a match” mean? That you both swiped right? Nooo, that’s what Tinder taught you. I mean the REAL match…

When you date escorts you can make an informed decision and choose someone who really matches your preferances. There’s no need to message and date 20 women for weeks to find the one you might actually like.

Just search through profiles of escorts and choose the one that feels like the right companion for you. Escort world is full of various people, with different looks, different personalities, interests and dating styles. And it’s all nicely presented in the escort profiles on directories. You can easily find someone interesting for yourself, no matter if you’re just looking for someone nice or you have a very specific idea of what type of girl you’d like to meet.

Escort Meetings vs Tinder dates - Why men choose professionals

You know what to expect

When you meet an escort you know from the beginning what you may expect. What’s her dating style, what she does and what she doesn’t do. You can always ask if she’s open for some activities you’re interested in. You can agree on all the details before the date, so there is no misunderstanding.

Imagine asking about such details on a traditional date…

The deal is clear. No strings attached.

Dating escorts can be so simple. You both know why you’re meeting, you both know what you need. There’s no space for games etc.
With a professional companion your relation can be romantic, engaging and exciting (if you want to) but it stills remains professional. There’s no strings attached, no expectations, no complicated feelings. You just meet from time to time, whenever you both feel like and you don’t even have to keep in touch between the dates. Simplicity is awesome.

No experience needed. You will be taken care of

To meet escorts you don’t need any experience. If you’re an unexperienced man or you’ve just had a long break from dating, you don’t need to worry. A professional escort will take care of you.

It’s nice to switch those traditional roles in which usually a man is the one who organizes the date, invites the girl somewhere, who has to deliver a good “performace”. On an escort date you can just relax and enjoy the meeting with someone who wants to give you a memorable experience.

It’s especially nice if you’re booking an erotic massage session. Then you can totally switch off and receive the pleasure from a professional masseuse.

Discreet and worry-free dating

Dating escorts is really worry-free. You don’t have to be worried about your privacy or her trying to get involved in your life. Discretion is a top priority for every professional escort. She will never text you first (unless you agree on different terms), she will never call your work, she will never “surprise” you with a visit, she will never get too much engaged and she will never try to compete with your wife to try to be your number one.

And when one day you decide you want to end the relation, you don’t need to be scared that she will try to get a revange on you for breaking up with her. You can just inform her about your decision and you both can genuinely wish all the best to each other like two adult people and never interact again.

No exclusivity, no jealousy

One of the greatest things about dating escorts is no exclusivity. You are free to date whoever you want, you can try duo meetings with her and other girls or you can even ask the companion to recommend you one of her friends for your next date. No jealousy, no drama. Just a few adult people having fun and enjoying their lives.

Safe space to open up and explore. No judgement

A huge benefit of dating professionals is the healthy approach to body, sex and intimacy.

You can experiment in bed without feeling like you risk your whole relation with this person by just asking if she’s open to try something new. You can freely explore your fetishes and kinks. You don’t have to feel embarassed if you have some difficulties with erection or orgasm. You don’t need to say sorry if something doesn’t go as you planned.

You’re there together for mutual pleasure and for positive experiences. You can be open about your needs and you can express them freely. No one will judge you for your body, your preferences, your kinks and your difficulties.

You don't have to impress anyone. Just be yourself.

Have you ever seen one of those “dating gurus” that want to teach you how to get girls to like you? Yeahhh, usually it’s just a load of bs, and most of people realize that. But some people actually date that way. They put on the mask of a confident, self-loving womanizer, learn all the tricks on how to pretend you’re cooler than you really are (according to the guru’s standards ofc.) and they go for a date… Ygh, just thinking about it seems exhausting and toxic.

Anyway, on a date with an escort you don’t have to pretend anything. You don’t have to try to impress anyone with superficial stuff and fake attitude. You can just be your true self and be as confident or as insecure as you normally are. You can be of any age, of any background, of any size and you will be accepted and respected for who you are. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?

And that’s it. I think these are the most important benefits of dating professionals that come to my mind. I hope you liked this reflection on the dating world. If you’re interested in dating me, make sure to check out my website:
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