Escort Guide For Beginners: How To Start Dating Escorts?

Booking an escort as a beginner is not an easy task. How to tell who’s real? How to book? How to behave on the date? Check out my Escort Guide for Beginners.

How to choose an escort? : Beginner's Escort Guide

Where to find the best escorts?

If you want to find the best, reliable escorts – local or international – it’s best to choose one of the most reputable escort directories EuroGirlsEscort. On this escort website you can find many escort girls of different looks and types and choose the perfect match for yourself.

How to choose an escort for yourself?

Once you got to the escort directory and you see the listings of the escorts available in your location, you may start using the filters to choose the escort that matches your preferences.

You can choose your budget for a desired duration of the meeting. You can choose what activities you’re interested in – massage, Girlfriend Experience or maybe you’d like to explore some kinks?

You can also filter escorts by looks (eyes, hair), spoken languages, age and availability for international travels.

How to avoid scams: Basic tips for choosing reliable escorts as a beginner

When choosing an escort as a beginner there are three things you should remember:

  • ALWAYS meet only verified escorts, preferably those who have social media or website or verified reviews from at least few months or years back. This way you ensure that you’re meeting an established, trusted escort.
  • If you want personal contact, individual treatment, full discretion and highest standards of escort service, choose independent escorts.
  • If something looks to good to be true, it’s probably not true. If there is a beautiful escort that looks like a model, has professional photos from a photoshoot at an upscale hotel, provides wide range of services at an affordable price BUT she doesn’t have a verified profile, nor website, nor social media nor reviews, her profiles seem new and when you google her phone number, it doesn’t appear in any legit profile, this is most likely a scam.

Beginner's common mistakes when choosing an escort

Beginner clients often make this one huge mistake when choosing an escort and often it results in being scammed or ending up with a low-standard provider:

  • Not doing a proper research.
    I could not stress this enough – do your research before you choose an escort and choose only girls that took their time and effort to verify their profiles and build an established, trusthworthy brand for their potential clients.
Escort Guide for Beginners: Start Dating Escorts as a Beginner

Booking an escort : Escort Guide for Beginners

Before you contact her - Everything you must know as a beginner

So you found you dream escort and you want to book a date with her. But before you contact her, there is one important thing you should do if you want to be a good client.

Read her website / her profiles
Find out more about her and her services. When you contact an escort you should already know her services, rates and booking process. Ideally you would know her do’s and dont’s, if she specified them on her website.

Remember that every escort is different and has different rules and preferences on how she wants to be approached and what she accepts at the meetings. Often escorts write about it on their websites and it’s a good practice for clients to get familiar with those information.

Approaching an escort - Escort guide for beginners

Once you know all about your escort and you know what kind of meeting you want, it’s time to contact her.

Note that some escorts like to be texted on Whatsapp / SMS, some escorts have booking forms to fill and some prefer if clients call them.

Let’s assume your escort wants to be contacted through a message / email. When you text her, make sure you provide all the necessary information in your first message: introduction, booking details. That way you can book a date much smoother and you make a good first impression. Escorts really appreciate gentlemen who take time to read and send a proper booking request.

Screening & Deposit - tips for beginner clients

Some escorts require screening – especially in countries where their work is criminalized and they need to take extra precautions for their safety. Every ecort screens a bit differently, so the only universal tip I can give you here is: provide all the screening information that the escort requires or if you can’t / don’t want to, find another provider.

The same rule applies when it comes to sending a deposit. If you can’t or don’t want to send a deposit, don’t even approach the escort. Simply find someone else. Booking rules are not something a client can negotiate.

Beginner's common mistakes when booking an escort

When booking an escort as beginners, clients often make those mistakes:

  • Not reading provided information and asking basic questions about rates, services etc. (wasting escort’s time, nont looking serious).
  • Writting without a proper introduction (often including explicit descriptions of sexual activities). That’s not a right way to book a meeting. It’s a right way to get blocked, but that’s not what we’re going for, right?
  • Not providing all the booking details in the first message and messaging back and forth.
    When you book an escort, you want to book smoothly and show her that you respect her time. Some clients exchange multiple messages before providing the basic booking details and that’s one of the most annoying things for escorts. So be aware of that and don’t be that guy.
  • Not following booking instructions: eg. calling instead of writing or sending a DM on social media instead of a request through a booking form. If you approach the escort not the way she requires, you will most probably get ignored.
  • Writing just “Hi” and expecting her to start the conversation and ask for booking details.
  • Trying to chat and have casual conversation before the date. Do not do that. Or optionally ask if the escort provides textinig packages for clients. If she doesn’t, then it’s rude to expect her to entertain you with chat for days or weeks before your meeting. Other service providers don’t do that – nor do escorts.
Escort guide - tips for beginner clients who want to book escorts for the first time

Planning the date : Escort Guide for Beginner Clients

Where to meet: incalls vs outcalls

That’s one of the things you should decide before contacting your escort. But let’s discuss that here in the Planning a Date section.

Beginner clients often confuse incall and outcall, so let’s make sure we know the meaning of these words first.
incall – when escort meets you in her apartment
outcall – when escort goes out and meets you at your place.

Which would I recommend for the first escort date?
I think you would feel the most comfortable if you book a room in a nice hotel and invite the escort there. Hotels provide all the convenience you need for a date. You can use room service or go to the hotel restaurant / bar or even go chill in the jaccuzzi or sauna. It’s especially nice if you plan an extended date.

How to prepare for an escort date - Escort Guide for Beginners

How to organize your time with an escort

It’s nice to plan your date ahead, especially if you’re having an extended meeting. A good date is well balanced with the social time and private time.

If you need some inspiration for planning a date, here are some ideas from me.

Social time:

  • dinner or lunch (optionally ordering room service if you don’t want to or can’t go out)
  • getting massage at SPA together
  • relaxing in jacuzzi or sauna
  • going to cinema or theatre
  • watching a movie together
  • getting to know each other, maybe over a glass of wine
  • giving each other relaxing (non-erotic) massage

Private time:

  • taking a hot shower or relaxing bubble bath together – it’s a great way to get to know each other and get comfortable with ach other before getting intimate
  • starting with an erotic, sensual massage
  • foreplay and vanilla sex in a GFE style
  • kinky play or fulfilling some of your fantasies
  • affectionate cuddling with light petting and multiple orgasms for each of you – very relaxing and calming exprience

Beginner's common mistakes when planning an escort date

When planning out an escort date, beginners often make those mistakes:

  • Not planning any social time during an extended date.
  • Not including any meal during an extended date.
  • Planning lots of activities during private time. I know you probably have lots of ideas and things you’d like to try, but take into consideration that usually things go a bit slower than you’d think or there are some breaks, relaxation time. So it’s best if you have some casual plan in your head and know what moreless you’d like to do, but don’t treat it like a checklist or things you must include in the date to be satisfied with it.
  • Not preparing properly – for example you rush from work / from airport to your hotel room and have literally 5 minutes to rest.
  • Not refreshing well before the date. Hygiene is very importat when you’re about to get intimate and you should take your time to refresh well before the meeting.
  • Eating smelly foods, drinking coffee, smoking before the date and not washing your teeth. Well, it’s an obvious thing to say, but it happens that clients don’t think about it, so let’s make it a tip – wash your teeth before the meeting.
  • Not taking into consideration what your companion enjoys or ignoring her do’s and dont’s. For example planning to have a drink or a glass of wine if an escort doesn’t drink or doesn’t accept alcohol on the dates.
  • Not including the sleeping / regeneration time during overnight or long dates. Usually an escort specifies that she requires for example 3 hours of sleep during an overnight meeting. Remember to include that in your plan.
How to book escorts: beginner guide for escort vlients

Meeting the escort : Beginner's Escort Guide

Payment Etiquette

First things first – let’s talk about the payment etiquette. It’s a well-known rule in the escort world that the payment is made at the beginning of the meeting. It’s a good practice to put the money into an envelope and put it in a visible place so the escort can easily collect it once she arrives. Depending on your escort’s preferences, you can also hand her the envelope when she comes.

Introduction and foreplay

One of the things that elevates every escort experience is taking time for a nice introduction and slowly starting a foreplay (especially during GFE dates). Introduction and foreplay gives you time to relax, calm down, feel comfortable with your escort and slowly get into intimacy.

My strong tip here is: do not skip intro and foreplay (unless it’s more of a PSE / fantasy meeting and you don’t need an intro there).

Your biggest concerns about sex

Many beginner clients have concerns about the sex part before they book an escort for the first time. So many things are running through their heads: What if I can’t get an erection? What if I can’t come? What if I come too quickly? What if things don’t go smooth or I do something awkward?

RELAX. First of all – things will go much better than you’re thinking. It’s not likely that all the “catastrophes” you’re worried about will even happen.

Secondly – even if you can’t get an erection or you finish “too quickly” or you can’t finish at all – it’s all right. You don’t have to feel embarassed. You don’t have to worry that the escort will be disappointed or annoyed. She is a professional and she knows it’s not a problem.

Remember, sex is not a competition and you don’t have to focus on presenting your best performance. It’s  all about enjoying things with your partner. As long as you both like your intimate time together, it doesn’t matter if you come or not.

If you’d like to learn a few tips on how to last longer in bed, check out my post.

Beginner's common mistakes when meeting an escort

When meeting an escort for the first time, beginner clients often do some of those mistakes:

  • Not showering before and after sex.
    As I said before, hygiene is important in sex. Even if you know you just showered, refresh again once your escort arrives. You can even take a shower together and combine refreshing with foreplay. Remember to shower every time after sex as well. Going for the second round when you didn’t wash after the first time is soooo wrong.
  • Not paying upfront, waiting for her to ask for the money or trying to get intimate first. That’s one of the most awkward and rude etiquette mistakes, so be sure to pay in the first few minutes of the meeting.
  • Staying / making her stay longer / running over time. It may happen sometimes on a date if you both don’t control the time too much. In that case it’s a good practice to tip the escort and compensate her for the extra time.
    • Remember that 10-15 minutes before the end of the meeting is the time when the escort is taking the last shower and is getting ready to go. The time of your meeting is counted from the moment she arrives to the moment she leaves. So give her some time to get ready before she leaves. Never try to start another round in the last 10-15 minutes of the meeting, because you either will run over time or you will have rushed sex thats only goal is to give you one last completion before the time’s up. Not a great ending of a date.
Escort guide for clients: start meeting escorts as a beginner

Extra tips and resources for Beginners : Escort Guide for Beginners

Dictionary - phrases you should know as a beginner client

In the escort industry there are many abbreviations and words that you might want to get familiar with before booking an escort. Here you can read more about it:
Sexy Dictionary of Words related to Sex (and more…)

Meeting an escort as a virgin - Your First Time

Is your first time with an escort going to be Your First Time in general? Read more about Virgin’s First Time Experience : Losing Virginity & the First Time Sex with an Escort.

Or maybe you’re interested in an erotic massage? Read this post if you’re planning to lose virginity at an erotic massage.

More tips for beginner escort clients

How to book escorts: beginner guide for escort vlients

Book a date with a professional escort

If you’re a beginner client looking for an international escort for Fly Me To You or a Warsaw escort for a meeting in Poland, check out my main page and get familiar with my services to schedule an unforgettable date.

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