Escorts Warsaw Guide – Tips for Safe & Flawless escort dates

Escorts Warsaw Guide – Recommendations and practical tips to help you find the best escorts in Warsaw. Enjoy safe and fun dates with Warsaw escort girls.

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Is it legal to meet escorts in Warsaw?

Yes. Sex work in Poland is fully legal. As a client, you can legally meet escorts in Warsaw and pay for sexual services. Escorts also can legally meet clients and get money for the services.

Only organizing brothels / agencies (pimping) is illegal in Poland. But still, escorts that work in such places, and clients that visit those places, do not do anything illegal. Only people who run those places do.

Anyways, for your own comfort and safety, it’s better to choose independent ladies (more safety tips below).

Where to find the best Warsaw escorts?

When looking for the best, real, reputable Warsaw escorts, it’s best to choose the trusted international escort site (links provided below). On this site you can find profiles of top Warsaw escort girls.

There are just a few important things you should remember about:

#1 Verified profiles - Verified escorts Warsaw

 Always choose VERIFIED escorts. Verified Warsaw escorts are more likely to be real providers. (You can narrow down the search results on EGE site by using filters at the top of the page).

#2 Independent girls - Private escorts Warsaw

It’s recommended to choose girls marked as INDEPENDENT (another filter at the top of the page). Independent providers work privately and they are not involved with any agency etc.

Keep in mind that some agencies try to cheat the clients and list their girls as independent. But no worries – further tips will help you find the genuine independent girls.

#3 Contact preferences - Best escorts Warsaw

Contact girls that use Whatsapp. Usually independent girls prefer Whatsapp and agencies do not use such apps. This tip will help you further make sure you’re contacting an independent provider.

#4 Reviews - escorts Warsaw with reviews

View profiles that have REVIEWS (also can be filtered at the top of the page). When looking at profiles, pay attention if the reviews are only recent, or if the girl has reviews from months ago / years ago as well. Profiles with more reviews and older reviews almost certainly belong to real, trusted escorts (Note, that reviews on EGE site are verified, so they can generally be trusted).

Why are reviews important? Girls that scam clients create fake profiles with fake photos and they disappear after a week or a month and delete the profile. Real, well-established providers however, make sure to create a solid profile with reviews and they keep the same profile for years.

#5 Websites & Social media - reliable escorts Warsaw

Choose escorts that have their own websites linked in profiles or that at least have a solid Instagram profile. Reputable Warsaw escorts that want to create a trustworthy brand typically have their websites and some social media profiles to further verify themselves.

When you found an escort that has a website, you can type the address in the Google browser and then in the search results, click the three dots next to the address to see more information about this site, including the information since when the website domain is registered. If the website has been registered months or years ago, it’s another information that can help you make sure the escort is a reliable provider.

#6 No surprises - Tips for dating escorts Warsaw

If you don’t like surprises and you really want to know who you’re going to meet, choose Warsaw escorts that show their faces on the photos in their profiles.

#7 Communication - Top-level escorts Warsaw

For a flawless experience, choose escorts that speak English (filter at the top of EGE page).

#8 Safety tips for meeting escorts Warsaw

Remember to always use common sense and not lose your mind for a beautiful girl. If something seems too good to be true, it’s probably not true. If you see a stunning girl that looks like a model, she provides the service that you like and she is very affordable,  BUT she doesn’t tick any boxes mentioned above (verified etc), then she’s probably not real.

Here I linked for you the EuroGirlEscort page that lists verified Warsaw escorts that speak English, work independently and have reviews:

Escorts Warsaw Guide - Tips for Safe & Flawless escort dates

Real Girlfriend Experience - how to find it?

Girlfriend Experience nowadays is the style that most of clients go for.

To find the real Girlfriend Experience, choose the services in the filters that you’d like to enjoy. For Girlfriend Experience, I recommend choosing: GFE, classic sex, oral sex, kissing.

Here is the link to already filtered GFE profiles:

How to avoid escort scams in Warsaw?

To avoid scams in Warsaw, make sure to follow all the tips mentioned in the “Where to find the best Warsaw escorts” section above.

Additionally, always make sure you’re clear about what’s included in the listed price. Some Warsaw escorts list the services in their profiles, some describe their services more in details on their websites. If this information is available, always check their profiles / websites first and only then ask additional questions in messages.

And lastly, send deposits only to trusted, reputable Warsaw escorts and only if they use verified, legit payment methods such as bank transfer, BLIK transfer (do not confuse with blik code or blik cheque) or online payment through trusted wishlists such as or

* Some escorts in Warsaw might provide methods such as gift card or blik code / blik cheque as an ADDITIONAL method or a convenient alternative for clients and that’s okay. But if they ONLY use payment methods that do not require them to verify themselves in any way, they might be a scam.

* Wishlist platforms such as Throne, Wishtender and obviously banks require girls to verify themselves with documents and/or link their bank account in case of the wishlist platforms, so these methods are verified and safer. Wishlists like Throne and Wishtender can be additionaly more convenient for clients, as they are anonymous for the client – meaning that the girl does not see any personal data of the client when she receives the payment.

Escort Warsaw guide for clients, to book the best escorts in Warsaw, Poland

Warning: Go-go clubs, Striptease clubs [ + Better alternative ]

Be aware that in Warsaw there’s many Go-Go clubs that scam their clients (or at least provide very poor experience for a very high price). Those clubs often target foreigners and tourists. When you’re in the city, especially Old Town in the evening, you can notice young men and women that approach single men or groups of men and invite them to the club. Sometimes they even offer a discount or a free drink if they go with them to the club.

In such clubs you often pay a lot of money for drinks (sometimes very watered down drinks) or you pay even more for a private dance and you can’t count on anything more that just the dance.

If you’re a fan of striptease, it’s better to book a meeting at your hotel room with an escort that also provides striptease / lap dance and enjoy the guaranteed full experience for a set price.

In the link below you can find (verified etc.) girls that provide Striptease and GFE (on outcall – at your hotel room):

Do Warsaw escorts require deposits or verification / screening before meetings?

Deposits are getting more popular amongst Warsaw escorts as a form of booking verification. Usually Warsaw escorts don’t require screening (although there might be exceptions).

Generally escort services in Warsaw are getting more and more professional. Nowadays most of the top escorts in Warsaw and high class Warsaw escorts require deposits to avoid no-shows and time-wasters, so if you want to book those top escorts in Warsaw, it’s unlikely you will manage to do so without paying a deposit.

Warsaw Escorts Guide for clients. Find the best Warsaw escorts and Warsaw Escort Girls for discreet dates.

How much does escort service in Warsaw cost? | escorts Warsaw rates

That really depends on the type of ecort service you’re looking for.

Reputable Warsaw escorts that provide GFE, speak English, and have a very good quality service usually charge at least 150-200 € for an hour meeting or 500-600 € for a 3h dinner date.

High-class escorts in Warsaw / low-volume escorts or girls that specialise in some specific service typically charge 250-300 € for an hour date or 700-900 € for a 3h dinner date.

High class escorts Warsaw - how to find top-level escort girls?

If you’re looking for high-class escorts in Warsaw and you want to view just the top-level escort girls’ profiles, you can use the rates filter. With the filters already mentioned previously (independent, verified, reviews, GFE), you can add a price filter and set your minimum hourly rate.

* Keep in mind that price isn’t everything and some providers charge less than 250 euro and still are high-end and provide a very good escort service, so it’s worth to explore those profiles as well.

In the link below you can see GFE, verified etc. high class Warsaw escorts with rates above 250 euro /h.

Can I invite an escort to my hotel room in Warsaw?

Yes, you can invite escorts to your hotel room in Warsaw. There’s no problem. Usually the hotel staff doesn’t care who you’re inviting over, as long as you behave decently,  you are not too loud and don’t leave your room messy.

Below you can find a list of (verified etc.) escorts available for outcalls / hotel dates in Warsaw.

Escort Girls Warsaw Guide - practical tips for clients that will help you find the best escort girls in Warsaw. Book high class, high end escorts in Warsaw.

Discreet hotel dates with escorts in Warsaw - Tips & What to expect

When you invite an escort to your hotel room, you will usually need to go down to lobby to pick her up. Firstly, because typically that’s how escort girls prefer to meet, and secondly, in most of Warsaw hotels you need a card to use the elevator.

But there’s no reason to worry. A classy escort will be discreet, will dress appropriately etc. If you’d rather have a super formal greeting with an escort, just let her know that you prefer a hand shake or simple “Hello” instead of a cheek kiss / hug, and you’re good.

Below you can find the best hotels in Warsaw for a discreet and classy escort date – if you wish to book a hotel that doesn’t need cards for elevators, and you plan to meet your escort upstairs, make sure to check the list and descriptions.

Best hotels for a classy date with escorts in Warsaw



• modern hotel in the very center of Warsaw • restaurant: Platter by Karol Okrasa • Downtown restaurant • +OneBar • Wellness center on the 43rd floor • spa treatments • sauna • steam room • swimming pool • jacuzzi

Raffles Europejski


• Elegant Hotel in the Old Town • Epoka restaurant • cosy Long Bar • Lourse pattiserie • Spa treatments and massage • Swimming pool • sauna & steam room •

Nobu Hotel


• luxury art-deco hotel in the city center • excellent Japanese restaurant • Nobu Bar • in-room dining • sauna & steam room • SPA and massages •

Radisson Collection


• classy hotel in the city center • restaurant & bar  spa treatments  jacuzzi • sauna • swimming pool •

Sofitel Warszawa Victoria


• hotel near old town and the Saxon Garden • La Brasserie Moderne restaurant •  Victoria Lounge bar • Spa • sauna • swimming pool • massages •

Mamaison La Regina Hotel


• stylish boutique hotel in the beautiful Old Town • La Rotisserie restaurant • swimming pool • sauna • massages •



• hotel in the very city center • Sky Bar on 40th floor • Floor no2 restaurant • Lobby bar • Spa, swimming pool (unavailable during summer 2024)

H15 Hotel


• unique boutique hotel in the city center • Signature Restaurant • cosy and discreet • quiet area in the city center •

Novotel Hotel / near Airport


• comfortable hotel near Warsaw Chopin Airport • Novo2 restaurant & bar • seasonal outdoors swimming pool • sauna • spa •  

Renaissance Hotel / Airport


• comfortable, modern hotel at the Warsaw Chopin Airport • Challenge ’32 restaurant • nGin Bar • Spa treatments & massages •



• iconic luxury hotel at the Royal Route • Column Bar & Restaurant • Cafe Bristol • Gin Bar Lane’s • Swimming pool • spa treatments •



• hotel in the city center • Terra restaurant • JP’s bar • 

Crowne Plaza


• modern hotel in the business district in the city center • The Roof skybar at 21st floor • Signature Bar at lobby • sauna •



• new hotel near the Varso Tower, city center • Clash bar & restaurant • Ether rooftop bar • 

Barceló Hotel Powiśle


• modern hotel with industrial atmosphere in Powiśle district • Etiuda restaurant • Vistula lobby bar • B-Heaven sky bar • seasonal outdoor swimming pool at the 5th floor (rooftop) • 

Best Reputable Escorts in Warsaw - My recommendations

If you’re looking for top-level escort date in Warsaw, consider booking a meeting with me (>> Independent Escort Warsaw – Nicole Kaminski) or check out the list of my friends, who are obviously reliable, independent escorts.

Practical tips - Meetings escorts Warsaw

Here are some additional tips for visitors wanting to meet escorts Warsaw.

Cash and currency - booking escorts in Warsaw

When Planning to meet escorts in Warsaw, always ask what currency is accepted. Most of Warsaw escorts that meet international clients accept Euro or US Dollars, but not all of them. Sometimes you’re going to have to take PLN with you.

The payment when meeting Warsaw escorts

When meeting an escort, pay the rate at the beginning of the meeting. Usually escorts prefer that you put money in an envelope in a visible place or just hand them the money at the beginning of the meeting. To be sure, you can ask your escort to specify how she prefers to receive the money.

Legal age - Dating escorts Warsaw

When you meet an escort in Poland, she must always be at least 18 years old.

Negotiating the price while meeting Warsaw escorts

Negotiating prices for services or products is viewed differently in different cultures. In Poland bargaining is generally seen as rude, especially when it comes to services. When you’re given a price, you should either accept it or find the service in your budget somewhere else. Requesting a discount will be usually received negatively, and will be perceived as lack of respect for provider’s work and time.

Warsaw Guide - Basic information for visitors

Here are some additional information and tips for visitors in Warsaw.

Is Warsaw safe?

Warsaw is a very safe city. Crime rates and homelessness is at very low level in Warsaw. It’s safe to walk at night, use public transport at night, even if you’re alone.

Obviously, you should always be careful and avoid doing reckless things that you wouldn’t normally do at yout home city. 

Currency & Card payments

The currency in Poland is PLN (Polish Zloty). Other currencies like Euro, Dollars in cash are not accepted in stores, restaurants etc.

Card payments are available almost everywhere in Poland, so generally there’s no need to carry cash (unless you plan to pay in some tiny local shops, public toilets etc).

Taxi, Uber & public transport

Taxi, Uber
When you arrive at Warsaw Chopin airport, it’s best to go to Uber section, that is directly in front of you when you leave Arrivals. Taking a random taxi from the airport is risky, as they usually charge 2x, 3x more than Uber, or even more when they see a foreigner. It usually takes 25-30 minutes to go from the airport to the city center by car (during the day).

For everyday transport I’d recommend using Uber, Bolt or iTaxi apps.

Public transport
In Warsaw there’s a quite good public transport as well. You can use metro, buses and trams – you can easily check connections and buy tickets in the Jakdojade app (available in Google Play and App Store).

In Warsaw you can even rent a bike or electric scooter by apps like Bolt (or Uber).  Electric scooters are especially fun to use and often they are quicker than taxis when you move around the busy area of city center.

Trains to other cities
If you plan to visit other cities (maybe Kraków, Gdańsk), consider using a train – there’s many convenient connections from Warsaw. For example you can be in Gdańsk or Kraków in less than 3 hours. (Tickets can be bought online at )

Alcohol, smoking and other substances

In Poland consuming alcohol and smoking / vapeing in public places is forbidden.
Although, in the summer time you can enjoy a drink / beer or a cigarette at the restaurants outdoor tables.

Posession and consuming of other “substances” is illegal in Poland.

Do people speak English in Warsaw?

In Poland, especially in big cities like Warsaw, people generally speak English (especially the younger generations).

Learn more about dating escorts

In this post you can find essential tips on how to book escorts properly and how to be a good client.

If you’d like to learn more about escort dating, sex & intimacy or sensual massages, make sure to check out my blog in the link below.

Sensual massage in Warsaw with Nicole Kaminski

I’m an independent, professional masseuse based in Warsaw, Poland. On my blog, I write about subjects related to my work: erotic massage, sensuality & intimacy. You can also find here interesting posts for massage clients and helpful tips for gentlemen planning to book an erotic massage in Warsaw.

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