My time, my attention, all the best that I have - exclusively for you...

Would you like me to be with you exclusively? To be available for you, be ready to meet you every day? Would you like to have my undevided attention and really get closer to me? An exclusive arrangement might be what you need.

How does an exclusive arrangment work?

During an exclusive week/month I will be meeting you exclusively. During this time it will be impossible for anyone else to book a meeting with me. For a whole week my time and my attention will be dedicated to you.

An exclusive week with me means that I’m available for you every day – to meet you, go out with you or travel with you. You don’t need to adjust your schedule and try to find available dates in my calendar to meet me. I’m available to meet you at any time and I’ll adjust my schedule to yours. 

Exclusive arrangement gives you a unique opportunity to get closer to me, get to know me better and have the convenience and luxury of having me just for yourself for a week…

What can we do during an exclusive week together?

During a sweet exclusive week we can have multiple meetings (both at your place or my place). We can go out together – to a restaurant, spa, for shopping, for a walk or do anything that we like.

The meetings don’t always have to be long. If one of the days it turns out you don’t have much free time, but you’d love to see me, we can meet for a short, hot and intense date.

What is included?

Rules & suggestions

An exclusive arrangement is for gentlemen who seek a truly unique relation. The exclusive arrangement is something that should be satisfying for both of us. Ideally our relation will be a time when we both try to make each other happy and spend a great time together – without rushing anything or setting any strict limits.

However, some rules must be set, so that we both know what to expect and what can and can not be done during our time together.

Before we arrange an exclusive week together, I suggest to meet at least once for a few hours to check if we click and have a good chemistry together.

The exclusive arrangement should be booked a lot in advance – so that my whole week is still free and available to book. It is not acceptable to expect from me to reschedule other meetings that are already agreed.

A 20% deposit is required to book the exclusive arrangement. The rest of the amount for the exclusive week should be paid at the beginning of the first meeting.

All the additional costs during the exclusive week are on the clients side (costs such as travelling, accomodation, entertainment etc.)

In case we travel together during an exclusive week, the client is obligated to pay for a seperate accomodation for me.

When booking an exclusive week, please always let me know what you expect at the meetings, what kind of activities you’re interested in, what places you’re planning to visit or what entertainment you planned etc. That way we can make sure we are both comfortble with the things that are planned and avoid any misunderstandings, unpleasant surprises.

During an exclusive week we can meet every day – maximum meeting time is 12h per day. 

If you’d like to spend full 7 days together, consider booking a standard 7 day GFE meeting, during which I’ll spend my whole time with you.

The meetings during the exclusive week should be scheduled a day in advance if possible (or minimum 2h in advance).

Exclusive arrangement costs

One week

4.000 € / 18.000 PLN

Tw0 weeks

8.000 € / 36.000 PLN

Three weeks

16.000 € / 54.000 PLN

A month (4 full weeks)

20.000 € / 72.000 PLN