Frequently asked questions

The most popular questions

Where are you based?

I am based in Warsaw, Poland. My apartment is on Cybernetyki 4 in Mokotów district.

Where can we meet?

I am based in Warsaw, Poland. I can meet for incall at my studio or for outcall – at client’s apartment or a hotel room.

I’m available for Fly Me To You – worldwide.

Do you provide massages for women, couples?

Yes. I provide massages for men, women and couples.

Where can I find reviews about your massages?

You can find reviews about my massages on my official profiles listed at this page.

About me

Are you independent?

Yes. I am a 100% independent escort. My offer is private.

Are you a professional masseuse?

Yes, I am a certified Wellness Therapist and a professional masseuse. I finished many masages courses and I have a few years of experience in working as a massage therapist.
You can find more information about my qualifications here.

Are your breasts natural?

Yes, they are natural.

Can I get some pictures of you?

I have posted a lot of pictures of different types (session, everyday, selfies) on my website, directory profiles and Instagram. I do not send any additional photos.

Are your pictures real?

Yes, my pictures are real and authentic. I take all my pictures myself, I really enjoy it. I do not edit the photos a lot – usually I work only a bit on brightness, contrast and colors of the photos and, if needed, I cover some imperfections. I do not change the shapes of my body nor my face features in any way on the photos.

Being a “verified escort” means that the directory got a scan of my passport, and pictures of me holding the passport to confirm that I’m a real person and that the pictures are mine and authentic.

Do you have any social media that I could follow?

Yes. I have a Twitter profile and Instagram account. I run a Pinterest profile in Polish and English .

I'd like to give you a present at our meeting? What should I choose?

That is very kind of you to think about getting me a gift. If you need some inspiration on what to buy and what I like to get the most, please check out my wishlist here.

About massages

Do you require a deposit before a meeting?

Generally yes.

The deposit for meeting is required in case of:
– a first meeting with a new client
– all Fly Me To You meetings

The deposit is NOT required in case of:

– a meeting with a client that I met before (meetings in Warsaw)

You can read more about deposits and payment here:
Rules & Payments

How much experience do you have in working as a masseuse?

I have worked  professionally as a masseuse since 2015 and as a professional erotic masseuse since 2016.

Where can the massage take place?

I offer incall and outcall erotic, happy ending massages in Warsaw. I can visit you in your apartment or a hotel room. We can also meet at my place on Cybernetyki 4 in Warsaw.

More information:
Outcall –
Incall –
Other cities –

Do you work for a massage parlour or you are a private masseuse?

I’m a private, independent masseuse. I do not work for any massage salon / agency.

How to prepare for the massage session?

Outcall massage in an apartment and a hotel room: Before the massage session take a shower to worm up your muscles and have a clean, body ready fot the massage. 

Remember to prepare 2 towels: 1 big towel to spread on the bed and one towel for me to use after taking a shower. If there is a box of tissues in your hotel room, it’s good to keep it next to the bed.

All the rest of things that we might need I will have with me, so you don’t need to prepare anything else.

Incall massage: You don’t need to prepare for massage in any special way. You don’t have to bring anything with you. I provide everything that we will need.

What kind of oils do you use during massage?

I use natural sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil and sesame oil – they are very neutral and good for the skin. They don’t have any smell, so they are very discreet. The oils wash off easily in the shower.

How much does a massage cost?

You can find the prices of massage sessions here.

I need a strong massage for muscles pain. Are you able to help me?

Of course. My massages are professional and despite being very relaxing and sensual, they work very well on muscles and the whole body. If you have sore muscles, I can offer you a Regenerative Massage that will bring you relief and will help you get rid of the pain.

Please keep in mind that tense muscles that have been aching and getting stiff for a long time also need some time to relax and heal. One massage session will help them for sure, but in some cases you may need a few sessions to feel fully well and recovered.

Getting a strong massage doesn’t exclude the sensual parts in any way. If you need, we can combine the strong and solid massage with gentle and highly sensual erotic rituals. 

How is the time of the massage counted?

The time is counted from the beggining of the meeting to its end.

What is the Yoni / Lingam massage?

The Yoni / Lingam massage is a massage of intimate parts (Yoni – for women, Lingam – for men). It is a very sensual massage that leads to a strong, unusual extasy, but getting an orgasm is not the main purpose of the massage. The purpose of making a Yoni / Lingam massage is to bring a lot of pleasure and unique sensations to the partner, let them feel more, celebrate their sexuality and the moments of an intimate closeness.