Christmas Gift Guide: 5 Luxury Gift Ideas for an Escort

Would you like to gift something special to your escort, but you're not sure what she's going to like? Check out my 5 ideas for a luxury gift for an escort.

Giving a gift to an escort

If you’re planning to give a gift to your escort companion, first thing you need to do is to check if she has a wishlist or a gift guide on her website.

Many escorts have wishlists like Wishtender, where they list all the things they like and you can buy the gifts for them directly from the wishlist. It’s so convenient.

Another type of wishlist (that is rather a gift guide) is a list of things and brands your escort likes (it’s usually placed directly on her website). If you prefer to gift the present to her personally, the wishlist can be a valuable source of inspiration for you.

Luxury gift ideas for escorts

If your lady doesn’t have any type of wishlist, no worries. There’s plenty of luxury and universal gifts you can choose for your companion.

Luxury gift ideas for escorts


Perfumes are such a classic and classy gift for every lady.

If you’ve met your girl a few times already, you probably remember her scent. Was it sweet or fresh? Floral / powdery or green? Or maybe ambery / spicy? Choose a perfume from similar scent family that your escort usually wears, and you can be sure she’s gonna love it!

Or maybe you know the names of some perfumes she wore before? Try to look them up and check what notes they have. If you see a pattern there, try finding other perfumes with similar notes.

Do you feel you’re not good at choosing scents? Ask for advice in the perfume shop. With a few hints from you, the assistant should be able to choose a few perfumes for you. Smell them and ask yourself “Which of those reminds me the most of her? Which smells like something she would wear?”. And there you go, you’ve found your perfect gift.

If you have no idea at all, what type of perfumes your companion likes, you can choose to gift her an elegant voucher and let her choose whatever she likes.

Gift guide: ideas for a gift for an escort companion


Who doesn’t love getting elegant, luxury lingerie? I know escorts do!

Choosing the right size for your companion should be easy: usually girls have their lingerie sizes listed on their websites / their wishlists. If not, you can always ask (or simply gift a voucher to her favourite store).

Some of the top lingerie brands companions often use are:

Designer piece

Does your lady like fashion? Then gifting her with an iconic designer piece is going to make her really happy.

What is her general style and color palette? Classic / minimalistic / feminine / creative / vintage? Make sure to find something that would fit her style.

When looking for a fashion gift, you can choose to buy:

  • a bag / purse
  • high-heels / shoes
  • accessories like belt, hat, gloves, sunglasses or a watch
The best ideas for a luxury gift for an escorrt girl


Jewellery is another classic and universal gift you can go for. The only thing you should consider when buying jewellery for a gift is weather your companion wears golden or silver jewellery.

When it comes to size, it only really matters if you want to buy a ring. To make things easier and make sure you’re buying a piece of jewellery that will fit your companion, I recommend buying rather earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Gift ideas for escorts

Spa voucher

Massage voucher / Spa voucher is a beautiful gift for every companion. If you’d like to show her that you care about her and would love to fund her a few hours of relaxation, a gift card for massage / manicure / pedicure / or a day at spa is the best way to do it..

Something to remember when buying a gift for an escort

Remember that if you’re meeting your companion at a Fly Me To You date, buying big / heavy presents or fragile things like glass decorations / flowers might not be a good idea.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more posts and tips, check out my Escort Blog in the link below.

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