How long should the massage session last? The perfect massage duration for you.

When you choose a massage for yourself, it might be hard to decide, wheather you should choose a short or a longer session. Here are a few tips that will help you decide and choose the right massage duration for yourself.

1h massage

The optimal time for massage is 60-90 minutes. 1h is the amount of time that lets you relax deeply and enjoy the solid full body massage with a long, very sensual Lingam massage. If you’re having massage for the first time in your life, this may be a good time option for you.

If you chose the GFE massage, the 1h variant will be enough to have a relaxing massage with the NURU massage elements and a sensual happy ending. However all those parts of massage will not last very long.

1.5h massage

If you need more time to relax, choose the 1.5h massage. During 90 minutes of massage you will be able to fully relax and enjoy the massage for longer. If you need us to focus more on some parts, you have stiff back muscles, tired legs/arms or neck muscle soreness, the 90-minute massage will let us spend more time on relaxing those parts. Stronger massage needs some time. First I need to warm up the muscles and make a bit lighter massage before I can start using the strong techniques. 1.5h massage session is perfect for that.

1.5h is the minimum time duration that I would recommend for the GFE massage. If you’d like to have a solid relaxing massage and the long sensual part with the body to body massage and the finale, the 90min. massage will be ideal for you.

1.5h massage session is also a good choice if you’d like to have a massage with double happy ending. The 2 happy endings are done at the begining and at the end of the massage session. During the 90min. massage session you will have enough time to gather energy for the second finale. 90 minutes is good amount of time for the first happy ending, shower, nice massage and the second, longer happy ending.

2h massage (available only for the GFE massage)

If you’d like to have a long GFE Massage session with bath, mutual massage or you’d like to spend some time on getting to know each other choose the 2h session. 120min is the right amount of time to enjoy every part of the session with absolutely no rush. After the 2h GFE massage you will be very relaxed and satisfied.
If you are experienced in getting massages and you prefer very long sessions, you can choose the 120min massages to benefit even more from the session . During the 2h massage you will receive very solid and thorough massage and the long sensual part with body to body massage and the finale. 2h massage is the perfect time option for the massage connoisseurs.

What about the shorter massages?

I will write about the shorter massages in a seperate post. Follow the blog and stay updated ­čÖé