Get Ready for a Date – 5 Simple Steps to Help You Prepare Better and Impress Her

When meeting an escort, you want to make it a nice and memorable experience for yourself and for her. One of the most important things in dating takes place a lot before the date even starts – and that is the preparation. How to prepare well for an escort date? Let’s see…

Don't rush

First of all, don’t leave everything to the last minute. Plan a date the way that you have some time to prepare before. Rushing from work or airport (if you’re just arriving to town) to your place and having 20 minutes to prepare for a meeting is not a great idea.

You will need to hurry with everything and you will add yourself unnecessary stress. The chance is that you won’t be able to prepare properly or you will still be in rush and all chaotic when your lady arrives. That’s not the right way. Just give yourself some time to prepare for this special date and enjoy the process.

How to prepare for an escort date? Tips from a Warsaw escort.

Take care of your place

Make sure you have everything that you’re going to need at home and that your place is well prepared. You can find a whole post about preparing your place for an escort’s visit (shopping list included) in this post.

Take care of your mindset

I know that before a date you may feel stressed. That’s understandable. But try to chill out. None of the dark scenarios that are running through your head now is going to happen. Don’t stress yourself out.

You’re good. You chose the right, professional companion for yourself. You’re going to have a nice date with a nice person. You’re meeting with the escort to have a pleasurable time and positive experience. It’s going to be great. Take a deep breath, put on some relaxing music and get in a sexy mood.

Take care of your body

Preparing your body for an intimate date is very important. You want to be clean, neat and super fresh. Shower well, brush your teeth, trim here and there (if that’s your preference). Put on fresh clothes and use your favourite perfumes. Remember to take care of all the little details – girls really appreciate it.

I know you want to be ready a lot before your companion comes, but do not shower much in advance. The optimal time to shower is like 20-30 minutes before meeting time. That way you will be fresh when she arrives.

The final touch

You’re almost all ready. The only thing you should do is to prepare the money. Put it in an envelope (if that’s how the escort prefers to receive it) or put it somewhere in a visible place so the girl can easily collect it after she arrives.

And that’s it! You’re ready for a great date.

Have fun ;*

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