Preparing Your Place for an Escort Date – How to Create a Comfortable Space for a Romantic Date At Home?

As a client you probably find outcall escort dates very convenient. No need to dress up and go out. There’s only one additional thing you need to take care of – preparing your place for the visit. How to do it well? Let me give you a few tips.

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Clean your apartment and prepare the bed

Cleaning your apartment is the first thing you should do. Pay special attention to the bathroom & shower. Also, make sure it’s warm enough (or in the summer that it’s cool enough) in the apartment so you both feel comfortable.
Make the bed and put on fresh sheets. Maybe put a big towel on top of the bed if you plan to have massage (to protect the sheets from oil).

Warsaw escort guides - How to prepare your place for an escort date

Get all the necessary stuff

You might want to do some shopping before the meeting. Make sure you have a bottle of water at home. Get some tissues – the box tissues are the best. If you’re going to have some introduction and conversation first, maybe buy a bottle of wine as well (if you agreed on that with the escort). Make sure you have wine glasses and a bottle opener at home.

Prepare a towel for her

Prepare a fresh towel and put it somewhere in the bathroom so it’s ready when she showers. When you’re having an erotic massage, spread a big towel on the bed as well to protect the sheets.

Get a shower gel for women

If you invite an escort over to your apartment, it’s nice if you provide a shower gel for women. It’s one of those little gestures that escorts appreciate a lot. If you don’t want to buy a big shower gel, you can get a nice mini shower gel in every drugstore (in a “travel mini stuff” section).
Why is it important? Men’s shower gels usually have a very strong manly scent and most girls don’t necessarily want to smell like a menthol-fresh man on a date. I guess you would prefer if she smells like coconuts, flowers or vanilla after her shower rather than like the gel you just used, right?

If you’re staying in a hotel, you don’t need to worry about the gel. Hotels usually provide gels with a rather neutral scent.

Create a cosy atmosphere

If you want to make a cosy, romantic atmosphere, dim the lights a bit, light a scented candle and put on some gentle music (unless you prefer to put on the escort’s playlist). It always feels so nice when someone prepares the place for the date taking care of such details.


If you plan an extended date and you’re not going to go out, you may get some snacks or order dinner for later. You can find some more inspiration on how to prepare a nice stay-at-home escort date in this post.

Things you don't have to prepare

There are some things that you (almost) never have to prepare, like condoms, lube and massage oil. Usually it’s the escort that provides those things. Often escorts also have a playlist prepared for a date / massage session, so unless you really want to, you don’t have to worry about the music.

Shopping list

Here’s a little shopping list you may use to make sure you have all the necessary things at home.

Preparing your place for a date takes some time, but it’s a great first step to make a good impression on your companion. Ladies love it when men put some effort into preparation, take care of the details and think about their comfort.

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