mobile erotic massage in Poland

Mobile erotic massage in Poland

Now I offer erotic massage in all the main Polish cities!

Till now I was available for massage sessions only in Warsaw – my base city. Now I’m available for erotic massages in all the main Polish cities.

If you planned to have a massage session with me, but never could find the right time to travel to Warsaw, now there’s a better solution. I can come to your city to have a massage session with you! 🙂

How does the mobile massage work?

That’s simple. If you are interested to have a massage with me in other city than Warsaw, just contact me on Whatsapp or SMS to schedule a meeting. Remember to provide all important information – Where, when and for how long you’d like to meet and which massage session you’re interested in.

It’s the best if you book a massage at least 2 days in advance.

In which cities I'm available

I’m available in all the main Polish cities.

How much does the massage cost?

When you book a massage session in one of the cities above, you pay a fixed price and you don’t have to pay additionally for my travel. The price is the same for all the cities (other than Warsaw).

Classic relaxation massage

1h – 220 €

1.5h – 250 €

GFE massage

1h – 280 €
1.5h – 320 €
2h – 350 €

Find out more...

More information about the massage in your city can be found in the individual city section.

You can use the city list above or you can always find the full city list in the “Massages” page in the “Location” section:

Nicole Kaminski - the traveling masseuse

I’m really happy to finally offer the mobile massage in Poland. Now the clients from the whole Poland can book a massage session with me. It’s great I’m available in more places, especially knowing how hard it is to find a good masseuse (in some of the 10 of “my cities” it’s almost impossible).

During the last few months I had a lot of requests for massages in Poznan, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Lodz. Now booking a massage session with me in those cities is possible and easy 🙂

Being a traveling masseuse (that sounds cool) is nice for me for another reason too. I’m aware that I’m one of the best erotic masseuses in Poland and I really want to use this huge advantage that I have. Giving massages is the most enjoyable job for me and during the next few years I really want to focus on giving high qulity, awesome erotic massages to clients in the whole country 🙂 Being a traveling masseuse is a big step forward.

Nicole Kaminski

Erotic masseuse in Warsaw

Writing has always been a pleasure for me. So has been giving erotic massages. This blog is a place where my two passions meet.

I write about erotic massages and working as a masseuse.


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