My enjoy list

Being a companion is my passion and a lifestyle. I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new things. On a date I provide only things that are enjoyable for me. If you’d like to know more about my preferences and plan a dream date for us, get familiar with my Enjoy List.

If you’re looking for date ideas, you can also check out the “Date Ideas” page.

Extended dates

I loooove extended dates. This is really the best kind of date we could have. During a long meeting we have lots of time to get to know each other, get comfortable with each other, talk and relax. Without any rush. Long dates are a great opportunity for you to receive all the best that I can give and experience the true GFE that will fully satisfy you. If you’re satisfied, then I’m even more happy about our meeting.

I recommend booking at least 2-3h meeting for our first date and if you’re a fan of long meetings, then an overnight will be even better.

What I love about extended dates? I can spend some time with you, get to know you better and have some good connection and chemistry. With that, everything that will happen next is going to be so much better and more authentic. I love interacting with people that I can connect somehow with.

Social time / dinner dates lunch dates

I like going out together. There’s something so relaxing and nice about having a lunch or dinner together. I get really lots of pleasure from having a nice meal and maybe a drink in a good company.

What restaurants do I like? The ones with great, quality food and nice atmosphere – where you want to stay a bit longer, have another drink / tea or maybe a dessert, chat a bit more and just enjoy the moment. Being honest, I prefer nice, cosy restaurants or even some local tiny cafe’s or bars rather than huge and fancy restaurants.

Favourite hotels?

I don’t really have favourite hotels or any strict requirements about the hotels / apartments that I can visit. I like nice, neat, comfortable places. If there’s a sauna or jaccuzzi in the hotel, it’s even better. It gives us more opportunities for a relaxing time.

Traveling together / Fly Me To You

Traveling is one of the best things in life. I love going together for holidays and doing all the fun things. I also love romantic evenings during summer ^^ Going for a walk, watching sunset or relaxing in a hot pool outside at night.

I enjoy being a companion during business trips  or visiting you in your city for a weekend, where you can show me a piece of your world. That’s very interesting and exciting.

How to impress me?

Well, I must say I’m quite easy to impress and please. I appreciate nice gestures and little things. I love it when the man takes care of my comfort during our meeting. I like it when he remembers about my preferences and dislikes. I’m happy when he takes time to pick a unique, meaningful gift for me – maybe something that I’d mentioned eralier in a conversation or something that would remind me of him and the nice time we had together. I really like it when a man takes some time to give me a pleasure during our meeting – to give me massage or book a massage in a hotel spa for us – or when he puts effort to give me a different kind of pleasure… 😉

Relaxing foreplay, mutual massage

Relaxing together is one of the best moments of a meeting. Having a bath together is so so relaxing and soothing. With bubbles, candles around and some chillout music. It’s also arousing and exciting at the same time. I like washing each other bodies, massaging shoulders / feet, touching and kissing. Maybe having a little foreplay in a bath too…

I enjoy mutual massage very much. Even if your massage isn’t professional, I will like it a lot. It gets us in a nice, calm mood and makes us more sensitive to touch. When we are both relaxed after the massage, a sensual, slow and passionate sex is just perfect. It’s satisfying on a totally different level.

Cuddles, kissing & sex

I enjoy everything that is sensual – deep, passionate French kisses, nice sex and cuddling after.

I like giving oral sex (OWO). Looong blowjobs is what turns me on the most. It makes me so aroused. Especially when I see how much you love it. When I see and feel your pleasure, I’m so so so wet and horny. 

I like to receive oral sex too. Or ideally, I like pleasing each other in a 69 position. I like delicate fingering too – if you’re gentle and you know what you’re doing (otherwise please don’t do it). 

Even more than receiving oral, I like to feel your hands on me. When you rub my pussy and clit with your fingers… I can cum so quickly and so hard. And multiple times. Men’s hands are incredibly sexy for me. I love it. Even more when I see that you enjoy it too.

There’s this one specific way I like to do it sometimes. When you sit on a chair (or bed), and I sit on you (with you in me) and then you play with my pussy long and slow. Perrrrfect ^^

My favourite positions is with me on top or from behind (with me laying on my belly). 

Kinky sex

I like getting kinky and I am generally a submissive girl. I love it when a man is a bit dominant. It really turns me on when my partner dominates me, kind of in a sweet way, and gives me pleasure. I enjoy being spanked and controlled.

The combination of being dominated/controlled and giving oral sex is really amazing for me. If you ever had a fantasy to get a blowjob under desk, then I’ll do it with pleasure! <3

I like to play with vibrators. I can reach multiple orgasms with a magic wand.

My favorite positions for being dominated? Definitely from behind (with me laying on my belly). When I can feel you on me and in me, when you’re holding me, breathing heavily next to my ear and controlling everything…

Sometimes I like to take control too, be a bit dominant. I like giving blowjob or handjob and controlling your orgasm – keeping you on the edge, slowing down when you’re almost there. This kind of teasing is incredibly exciting for me.

What I like in sex is the fact that with every person I get different chemistry and can enjoy a bit different things with them. I wonder what I’d enjoy with you…

Favourite things


Lot's of different things, something else every month, it's hard to keep up 😉 Foreign languages, Psychology, Criminal cases


chillout music, smooth jazz, classic hits of 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's


Recently I like exploring Asian cuisines. I like Italian food a lot.

favourite perfume

Dior j'Adore

favourite activities

Being amongst nature, swimming, relaxing on a beach, riding a bike, playing board games.