erotic massage for couples

NEW: Erotic massage for couples | Yoni massage, Lingam massage

Erotic massage for couples - enjoy the relaxation together

Erotic massage session for a couple is a great opportunity to relax together and try new erotic experiences. Massage sessions for couples is chosen by them for different reasons:
– you both have the fantasy to have a new, erotic experience together with a professional masseuse
– you’d like to rediscover your bodies and awaken the passion in your relationship
– you need a few tips, that would make your intimate time even more pleasurable
– you’d like to relax together and learn how to give a relaxing massage to a partner

Regardless of what desires gave you the idea to try an erotic massage for couples, a session with me will be very satisfying and unforgetable experience for you.

Erotic massage for couples - what it includes

Massage for couples is a session that creates many different opportunities.

Classic version
In the most classic variant, each of partners gets the relaxing massage with a happy ending (Lingam massage and Yoni massage). Meanwhile the other partner can lay down and relax aside.

Other options:
Other variants may include giving a massage to a partner together with me. If you like, you can massage your partner your way or I can give you directions. We can also massage your partner together.

There’s also an option that the whole massage is done by me, but the happy endings are done by the partners. Another option: making the massage together and the happy ending also together.

A very interesting variant of the massage may include learning to give a relaxing massage to your partner. If you like, I can teach you to give a delicate, relaxing massage, so you both can enjoy a mutual massage at home. Relaxing massage that I will teach you can be used as a sensual foreplay or you can give relaxing massage to your partner sometimes – for example when she/he comes back tired from work. I’m sure this kind of massage will enrich your erotic life and will make your relationship even more special.

If you’ve been interested in a massage for you and your partner for a while, now is the time to take a step and schedule a massage. I will be more than happy to be your masseuse and have this special session with you 🙂