New prices | GFE escort meetings in Warsaw

New options, new prices of GFE dates | GFE escort meetings in Warsaw

Now the GFE dates with me are offered at new prices. Also, one new meeting option appeared (5h). Check out the details of this big update below.

GFE escort meetings in Warsaw - What changed?

Now you can choose from a few different meeting types involving GFE and erotic massage. The names of “packages” will suggest you what you can expect at the date. Let’s take a look at all the options.


Now erotic GFE massage is offered in 3 interesting options. You can find out more about this update in my latest post here.

Meet me for a bit

1h-1.5h GFE meeting

“Meet me for a bit” is a 60min-90min. meeting. It may involve a relaxing massage, kissing, cuddling, oral sex and classic sex. This meeting type is perfect if you’d like to… well, meet for a bit, relax, have some nice sex and say goodbye after a while.

Let's have a date

2-3 hour Girlfriend Experience date

Let’s have a date. A slow 2-3h date with plenty of time to get to know each other, get closer, relax together and have some intimate moments. This is my favourite type of a meeting, because it’s long enough for me to really give you all the best from me. I know this kind of meeting will be fully satisfying for you. And me.

Stay with me longer

5h relaxing GFE meeting

If you need some more time together to enjoy even more of me and what I can offer, then I’ be happy to stay with you longer. A 5h date involving companionship, massage, closeness and sensual sex is perfect for a slow, chilled evening after a long week.

Bring your girlfriend

1h GFE meeting with me and my friend Bettie Golden

“Bring your girlfriend” is a Duo meeting with me and my beautiful friend Bettie. We can visit you together at your place and give you a very arousing, exciting and memorable experience. A sexy Duo of truly bisexual, sensual and a bit kinky girls will blow your mind.

Check out Bettie’s website to find out more about her.

Meet us both

A GFE meeting / massage for couples

“Meet us both” is a meeting for a couple. It may involve GFE meeting and erotic massage. There are so many ways we can spend time together. A sensual massage for one of you, while the other partner’s watching (or giving a massage together with me). Or a classic threesome with both of you. Or a relaxing massage for both of the partners finished with a classic threesome. Or somthing totally different that will satisfy your needs and fulfill your fantasies.

If you’re interested in meeting me in Warsaw, you can find out more about my meetings and the prices on those pages: