New erotic massage types | Erotic massage in Warsaw

Now in my services you can find 3 types of erotic massage sessions – offered at a new price. Which of massages will be your new favourite?

Erotic massages that I offer are all based on a GFE massage. Each of the massages involve all the best elements of a sensual GFE massage, but the finale off the massage (the ‘happy endning’) is different.

Erotic GFE massage - what does it include?

The GFE massage is a highly erotic massage type – in fact it’s the most erotic massage of all. The session may start from a joint shower during which we can wash each other, touch and kiss passionately. After the shower we can start the massage.

Usually the GFE massage session starts from a full body relaxing massage. During massage I use my favourite and the most precious techniques from many different massages from all around the world and adjust the massage to your preferances and needs.

After the classic massage of the whole body I will start a very tempting nuru massage. I will spread oil on my body and will rub you with my breasts, belly, thighs and butt. I will be pampering and kissing you. You can also kiss me and touch every inch of my oily body. Body to body massage is very arousing and sexual. During the nuru massage we can be both active and decide about the massage will go and what will happen next.

We can finish the massage with Lingam massage, oral sex and classic sex. All the options are very nice, sensual and bring really amazing sensations for you.

Which type of erotic massage to choose?

I must relax...

GFE massage with Lingam massage

1h - 200€
1.5h - 300€

If your main focus is deep relaxation, then the “I must relax” option is the best for you. During this type of session you can enjoy a relaxing massage, sensual kisses and mutual touch. The session is finished with a sensitive Lingam massage – it’s a very satisfying and pleasurable intimate massage. If you’d like the session to be lightly erotic, this massage will be your best choice.

Do you need some more closeness? A bit more of the erotism during a sensual massage? A GFE massage with kisses, mutual touch and NURU massage finished with extremely passionate, hot and wet oral sex is what you’re looking for. After the massage you will be relaxed and fulfilled.

I need you closer...

GFE massage with oral sex

1h - 250€
1.5h - 350€

I want you...

GFE massage with oral sex and classic sex

1h - 300€
1.5h - 400€

If you like to experience an erotic massage session without limiting yourself, then the “I want you…” GFE massage will be the best session for you. During this kind of session we can touch, kiss passionately and enjoy mutual massage. The massage will be finished with arousing body to body massage and amazing, senual oral and classic sex.

As you can see the 3 types of erotic massage are very similar, but they can end in a very different way. Every massage type has a different level of sensuality and erotism. Which massage version is the best? It all depends what exactly you need and how sensual you want the session to be…

If you’d like to book an erotic massage in Warsaw with me and learn more about the GFE massage that I do, make sure to check out this page:
Sensual GFE massage 

I hope to meet you soon at our massage session.
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