Polish Cuisine in Warsaw – What to Eat and Where to Eat with your Dinner Date Companion

When exploring Polish cuisine in Warsaw, alone or with companion, you might wonder what dishes are worth trying and which restaurants are the best to try traditional and modern Polish quisine. So here we go, all you need to know about Polish cuisine in Warsaw.

Best Polish Dishes to Try when visiting Warsaw


  • Tatar
    Beef tartare served with fresh chopped onion, pickled cucumber, pickled mushrooms and a yolk.
  • Zimne nóżki
    Pork jelly, sometimes served with pickles, often served with a shot of vodka.


  • Rosół
    Chicken/beef stew with noodles
  • Żurek
    White, sour soup made from fermented rye flour, served with a boiled egg and sausage
  • Barszcz
    Beet soup, typically a bit sweet and vinegary, served with Uszka – little dumplings with meat filling
  • Flaki
    Stew made with vegetables, tripe and spices – doesn’t sound very good, but it tastes delicious, fresh and a bit spicy

Main Courses

  • Pierogi
    Traditional Polish dumplings with different fillings. The most popular pierogi types are: Pierogi with meat filling (pork or duck), Pierogi Ruskie, meaning Ruthenian Pierogi (not Russian, as often is wrong translated) filled with potatoes, onion and cottage filling or sweet style Pierogi with fruit like strawberries or cherries, served with sour cream.
  • Kluski Śląskie (Silesian Dumplings) or Kopytka (Meaning literally Hooves)
    A less popular amongst tourists than pierogi, but very delicious type of dumplings made with potatoes, eggs and flour. They are usually served as an addition to a portion of meat and are poured with a dark, aromatic sauce.
  • Placki Ziemniaczane (Potato Pancake)
    Delicious potato pancakes, soft in the inside, crispy on the edges, are served either simply with sour cream and sugar or with Goulash.
  • Kaczka Pieczona (Roasted Duck)
    Roasted duck usually served with potatoes and beets on the side.
  • Schabowy
    Breaded pork cutlet simillar to Wiener schnitzel, served with puree or potatoes
  • Gołąbki
    Minced meat and rice stuffing rolled in a cabbage and stewed. Served with potatoes and delicious tomato sauce
  • Bigos
    Different types of chopped meat, sauerkraut, fresh cabbage stewed with spices. Often served with bread or in a bread.
  • Golonka (Pork Hock)
    Popular Polish dish made from a pork knuckle that has been boiled and then roasted until crispy on the outside. It is often served with sauerkraut and potatoes.
  • Zrazy
    Very delicious Polish meat roulade, filled with a bit of pickles or mushroom, then slow-cooked. Served usually with potatoes and beets.

Desserts & Drinks

  • Sernik (Cheesecake)
    Polish sweet cake made with cottage. Delicious dessert, but also kind of controversial. Polish people are divided weather Sernik should have raisins in it or not 😉 I suggest, you try it yourself and choose weather you’re team Raisins or team NoRaisins.
  • Polish Alcohols
    When going for a Polish dinner, you may want to get some alcohol with it. Many Polish restaurants serve quality craft beers and vodkas – clear and flavoured ones. A classic flavoured vodka to try is definitely Wiśniówka – cherry vodka. In some places you can even find Polish wines.
Best Restaurants in Warsaw serving Polish Cuisine

Best Restaurants in Warsaw Serving Polish Cuisine

In Warsaw you can find many great restaurants serving quality Polish cuisine. Here are 9 Polish restaurants that in my opinion are the best locations to visit in Warsaw:

  • U Fukiera
  • Stara Kamienica
  • Stary Dom
  • Czerwony Wieprz
  • Różana
  • Polka
  • Elixir by Dom Wódki
  • Portretowa
  • Soul Kitchen

A Dinner Date with Polish Companion

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