Short erotic massages - are they worth trying?

As you probably know in my services you can find massages that last at least 1h. Many masseuses offer also shorter massages, usually 30min. Do these massages make sense? I’m going to talk a bit about it today. I hope you will share your thoughts with me.

What does a 1h massage look like?

Let’s start with a short desription of one hour massage. This kind of massage usually starts from massaging the back side. First the masseuse takes care of the legs (sometimes feet too), back, shoulders and neck. Then the client turns and lay on the back. After the front massage there comes the time for the finale. 1h massage is enough for a solid back massage, sensual front massage and the finale that I usually save 10 minutes for.

It may seem that the full hour is a lot of time for massage, but during massage session times flies really fast. Often after an hour massage the client and I feel that the massage should be longer. You feel you’d need more time, longer massage with no rush and plenty of time for everything. The truth is that if the client has knots and stiff muscles, you can spend easily 30min on having just the back, shoulders and neck massage.

The massages that my clients book usually last 90-120min. During the 90min. massage the relaxation is totally different. The client can fully relax and I can give each part of massage a proper amount of time and attention.

What deoes the 30min. massages look like then?

In the 30min. massage there’s not much massage. 30min. massage is rather an express massage. After saving 10 minutes for the happy ending and 5 minutes for the massage of front, there is only 15 minutes left for the back side of the body. It’s really really few. 

But half an hour massages are not really about the massage. I’d call it rather a nice touch, foreplay, sensual stimulation before the finale that is the main part of the massage.

And that’s alright – if that is the need and the goal of the client, a 30min. massage will be satisfying for him. But if the client expects massage and he really would like to get relaxed, experience deep relaxation, feel different massage techniques and get some benefits from massage, he will be disappointed.

For me 30min. massages are a bit disappointing. I used to offer this kind of massages and I always felt that the client hadn’t received as much as he could have. I felt that he didn’t really experience what a real erotic massage is, didn’t get fully relaxed, didn’t rest and didn’t get into this sweet state in which the finale is just amazing.

When I used to give 30min. massages, usually I ended up extending them to 40min. if a client had time. I felt bad to finish the massage so soon. In my opinion 40min. is the absolute minimal amount of time needed to have a good, relaxing massage with finale, but really I’d lean more toward the 60min. minimum.

My priorities in massages

I have a few priorities in massages. The most important are the quality and client’s satisfaction. It’s important for me that the massage gives the client relaxation and also works well for his body – helps relieve muscle tention and reduce the soreness. During the erotic massage I like to dose sensations and built the tension. I think that it is the best way to give massage and my clients satisfaction seems to prove me right. Having those priorities in mind I think that making my massage accordingly to my values and putting it all into a 30min. session is just impossible.

There's a need - there's a service

By this article I don’t mean to criticise the masseuses offering short massages and the clients that have short massages. It’s obvious that if from the client’s side there’s a will to have short massage, there’s a service offered by masseuses. Apparently there’s a need for short massages and will to offer them.

Anyway, I’d rather leave the short massages in the “express service” category and save the  “solid and truly erotic massage” category for the 40min. massages and longer (or minimum 60min. massages really).

I’m curious what’s your opinion about it. Have you tried the short massages? Were you satisfied? How satisfying in your opinion is the 30min massage comparing to 1h and 1.5h massages?

Nicole Kaminski

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