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Tanomi massage - authorial erotic massage

TANOMI massage - more details coming soon.

This week I’m going to tell you more about my new massage session and it will be officially added to my services. I am so excited to announce my new, very special massage that will be an essence of all the best things I find in massages.

You can expect more info around Wednesday / Thursday. Meanwhile you can read more about my erotic massages on the new, refreshed pages that I recently made. There will be more massages now, so I thought it’s good to reorganize the space so it’s easier to learn about different massage sessions.

Nicole Kaminski

Erotic masseuse in Warsaw

Writing has always been a pleasure for me. So has been giving erotic massages. This blog is a place where my two passions meet.

I write about erotic massages and working as a masseuse.


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