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TANOMI massage | Find out more about the Tanomi session

TANOMI massage is my authorial massage. I included in it everything that is the most important, the most precious in massages for me. I’d like the Tanomi massage to reflect my approach to massage, relaxation, body and sexuality.

When creating Tanomi massage, I took care of each aspect of massage. Tanomi’s primary goal is to relax. It’s a massage during which you can totally switch off, focus on yourself, your pleasure and enjoy the long session.

Tanomi massage - more

TANOMI massage is inspired by tantric massage, Lomi Lomi massage and Swedish massage. It’s a unique, almost 2h massage session. Read more about the massage and get a full picture of what Tanomi is:

Nicole Kaminski

Erotic masseuse in Warsaw

Writing has always been a pleasure for me. So has been giving erotic massages. This blog is a place where my two passions meet.

I write about erotic massages and working as a masseuse.


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