TANOMI massage

My authorial massage session


around 90 – 120 min.

Main goals:

The goal of massage is to get in the deeply relaxed state. Tanomi massage combines different massage techniques that have soothing effect. During the long Tanomi session the client has a chance to get into a state of full relaxation and bliss. The thorough full body massage has a positive impact on body and bring long-term effects.

Massage range:

It consists of:

When to choose it:

Tanomi massage is addressed to those who want to relax really deeply and need a long, thorough full body massage. If you’d like to experience very deep relaxation that is finished with long and tender intimate massage, Tanomi session is perfect for you.

If you want to try something unique, one of a kind massage that reflects my passion for massages, you should definitely choose the Tanomi massage.

About the massage:

General information

TANOMI massage is my authorial massage inspired by tantric massage and Lomi Lomi massage. I included in it everything that is the most important, the most precious in massages for me. I’d like the Tanomi massage to reflect my approach to massage, relaxation, body and sexuality.

Tanomi’s primary goal is to relax. It’s a massage during which you can totally switch off, focus on yourself, your pleasure and enjoy the long session.

Massage range - fusion of techniques

Tanomi is a medium-intense massage, at some moments it’s intense. It lasts around 90-120 minutes. The duration of massage is not strictly precised, because every massage session is very different.

Tanomi massage is an essense of all the best and the most precious techniques. It consists Swedish massage techniques and my authorial techniques. It is made with hands, forearms and elbows. This combinations makes a unique, holistic, thorough massage. The session is finished with a long Lingam massage that has its roots in the tantric massage.

It’s hard to find words that would describe well the sensations you can expereince during Tanomi massage. Try the massage session and find out how much of a difference can make the 2 hours of blissful, fully relaxing massage.

What does the massage look like

1. Calming down combined with a delicate compression massage and optional meditation (while laying on back)
This part of massage is made without oil. Starting from your feet and going up I will gently press on your muscles. Compression massage is a perfect beginning for the session.

The initial massage is a good chance for you to quiet your mind. When different thoughts appear in your mind, they cause different emotions (often stress) and they engage your brain to work. It’s good to quiet all the thougts at the beginning of the session and focus on “here and now”. Chaos in our heads that affects us every day should be reduced before starting the massage, so that you can truly relax and benefit from the session.

You can start from very simple meditation. During the initial massage focus on your breath. Take a few slow and deep breaths. Feel the stress go away with each exhale. Next focus your thoughts on the part of your body that is currently being massaged. Feel the warmth of my hands and notice how your body parts are getting relaxed with your focus and my massage. During the meditation don’t let yourself get carried away by other thoughts. After a few minutes you will be in a totally different state – full of peace and ready for the massage.

2. Shoulders and neck massage
Staying in the same position I will massage your shoulders and neck. Massage of those parts received while lying on back lets you stay in a comfortable position. It efectively relieves muscles tension and it makes you feel very blissful.

3. Head and face massage
The head and face massage is made with finger tips and whole hands. It involves light stroking, rubbing and pressing. In the head and face there is usually lots of stress cumulated. Starting the session for head and face massage relieves tension and affects your whole body.

4. Front side massage
Next I will take care of your arms and hands. I will softly massage your chest and stomach. I will relax your legs muscles by massaging them with hands and forearms. I will give you an amazing feet massage. The front side massage will be finished with full body feet-to-head rubbing.

5. Back side massage
After finishing the front side massage you will be asked to turn around. I will start the back side massage from feet, legs and buttocks. Then I will give you a solid back and shoulders massage finished with arms and hands massage. During the back side massage you will feel a lot of techniques made with forearms and elbows and a few stronger techniques that will help reduce muscles pain and stiffness. Buttocks, back and shoulders are another body parts where stress and tension accumulate. Usually those parts are stiff and often sore.

6. Front side massage and sensul massage
After finishing the back side you will be asked once again to turn around. I will start the sensual massage of the front side that will awaken your sexual energy. I will sit down between your thighs and will lay them on my legs. I’ll gently rub your thighs, belly and intimate areas to make them sensitive to touch. Next I will do the Lingam massage. Slow and tender Lingam massage and its areas will give you a lot of pleasure and will make you aroused for a long time. Lingam massage is made sensitively and it can bring an unusual delight. While having the intimate massage during Tanomi session it is important not to rush into an instant fulfillment. Lingam massage is supposed to bring pleasure through a tender touch. It can lead to fufillment or even multiple fulfillments, but reaching an orgasm is not the main goal of the massage.

7. Resting after the massage
After the finished massage we can have a rest together. After such a long relaxation you will need some time to recharge. If you need, we can talk about your impressions and the sensations you got from the massage.

Tanomi - main idea

An inspiration for me to create Tanomi massage was a tantric massage. I find the idea and philosophy of tantric massage very valuable. Tanomi massage has a lot in common with basis of tantric massage. The goal of Tanomi massage is to relax the body and calm the mind. Massage is focued on body work, but the proper approach is a condition for the good massage receiving.

Massage session brings the inner peace and harmony. It quiets the mind and soothes the nerves. It’s a chance to clear your mind from negative thoughts and create space for receiving sensations openly, feeling emotions truly and directing your thoughts into the positivity. It teaches to respect and love your body, needs and sexuality.  It teaches relaxation – being here and now, letting go for a moment, letting yourself do nothing and get a well deserved rest. It teaches not to expect. Not to wait for the fulfillment, getting aroused as much as possible and reload the tension quickly. It teaches receiving the touch with joy, receiving massage with peace, enjoying every moment, every movement without thinking about what’s next. It teaches not to expect anything from yourself. At that moment you don’t have to do anything. You can just lay and receive the pleasure from relaxation.



Tanomi session

130 €

580 zł

Other cities


+150 €

+680 zł