Verified profile - what does it mean?

Nicole Kaminski - verified masseuse in Warsaw

I’m an independent masseuse. You can find my profiles on a few directories. I’m one of not many genuine verified masseuses in Warsaw – I have my profiles marked as verified on the biggest and the most important directories in Europe.

What does it really mean if the provider has a verified profile and what information does it give you? Let me explain.

What does the verification process look like?

How did I get my profile verified?

On every directory the verification process may be different. To make my profile verified on the biggest and the most important international directory, I sent two pictures to administration. (I chose this directory to describe here, because it’s the biggest and has the best verification process in my opinion.)

 1. Picture of my silhouette with visible face and a sheet of paper with a date, and the name of the directory handwritten on it. That way admins could see that I am a real person and I send my own, current photos taken especially for the verification. They could compare my body and general look on verification photos to my look on photos from a gallery of my profile on the directory and confirm that it’s the same person.

2.  Picture with visible face and my ID / passport. That way admins got my personal data, they could compare my current look to the look in a picture from my ID and confirm that I am really the person that I claim to be.

What information does 'verified' mark on give you?

1. Pictures really show the person that created the profile.  Verification excludes the possibility of using pictures taken from someone else or found on the internet as your own. 
2. The girl who created the profile doesn’t mind sharing her personal data with admins in order to authenticate her identity.
3. The girl has a solid profile. Because every verified profile is assigned to an ID, it’s not possible to create many fake accounts and claim that they are created for different people.

What information does NOT a 'verified' mark on give you?

1. Picture verification does not mean that pictures are natural, unedited. Verification confirms only that the girl has her own, current pictures in her profile. The level of editing is up to the girl and it happens sometimes that verified girl has heavily edited photos.

In my case the pictures are very natural. I prefer to show my real, human, imperfect version and meet someone who liked me in that version than edit photos to a level where I don’t look like myself anymore and then see the disappointment in somebody’s eyes : )

2. Verification informs you about authenticy of a person, not authencity of an offer. It’s good to bear that in mind and always make sure about details of a meeting, services that are offered etc.

In my case my offer is clear, precised and real. If I don’t want to offer something, I just say it and there’s no confusion.

And that’s it about the verification. I hope that the post was interesting and helpul for you and that you found here something useful.

Nicole Kaminski

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