What is a High Class Escort

Many escorts brand themselves as high class / high-end. What does a "high-class escort" really mean?

High class escort - definition

The term “high class” is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “of very good quality”. A high class escort is simply a person providing a top quality escort service.

High class escort - different meanings

The meaning of “high class escort” is still very relative – everybody would define it slightly differently.

High-end escort service, just like all other luxury services should meet some objective requirements, but at the end, the final shape and form in which it is presented and offered is a result of clients’ subjective expectations and provider’s unique style.

What "high class escort" means to me

For me a high class escort is a classy girl providing top-level experience that is advertised tastefully and adressed to refined gentlemen.

Classy lady - high-end escort

High class escort’s features:

  • She’s honest, reliable and down-to-earth.
  • well-mannered
    She always dresses and behaves properly. She’s kind, graceful, has positive energy. She’s pleasant to be around. She’s interesting, charismatic, but not intimidating. She’s welcoming and friendly.
  • well-dressed
    She takes care of herself, is always nicely prepared for the date: wears nice lingerie, has neat nails, beautiful makeup, wears carefully selected perfumes. Takes care of every aspect of her beauty. She oozes gentle femininity.
  • She knows how to accentuate her natural beauty. She doesn’t look tacky. She’s representable when she goes out on a date with her gentleman. She’s descreet when she visits him at his hotel.
  • She’s intelligent, wise, mature. If she meets international clients, she knows English well. She’s able to run a conversation on different topics and she’s a good listener.
  • She takes dating seriously, treats her gentleman with respect – respects his time and his privacy – providing him full discretion
  • She meets only classy gentlemen. She’s selective and she carefully chooses people she surrounds herself with. She knows what her time is worth and she’s aware of how unique her services are. She know’s she deserves a lot and she doesn’t accept anything less than that.

Top Level-Experience from a high class escort

A high class escort provides a top-level flawless experience for gentlemen who enjoy finer things in life:

  • She provides an experience on physical and emotional level, often provides Girlfriend Experience – it’s unique, passionate and authentic. She’s like a part-time girlfriend that’s 100% engaged when she’s with her man (but when they’re apart there’s no strings attached).
  • She can entertain her gentleman with a nice conversation, accompany him during different activities or travels. She knows that intimacy is just a part of a romantic experience and has much more to offer than entertainment in bedroom.
  • She’s openminded and respectful. Open for her partner’s needs, kinks and unusual preferences. She knows she doesn’t have to say yes to everything, but she respects other people’s sexual preferences.
  • She treats dating as art / knows the art of intimacy. She knows how to take care of her man, and his satisfaction is a priority to him. She’s creative and exceptionally good in sexual activities, provides diverse, mind-blowing experience in bed. She knows how to excite a man, how to relax him. She’s an answer to all his needs.
  • She adjusts the experience to her gentleman, She’s able to enjoy both a luxury date in an upscale restaurant, as well as a casual date and simple pleasures. She can accompany her man in different moments of his life. Things she enjoys and appreciates aren’t limited to standard luxury-style dates.
What is a high class escort? Definition and meaning

A date with a High Class Escort

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