What is GFE massage? What makes is it so unique?

What is GFE massage?

When searching through erotic massage ads, you can see that the range of massages is very wide. From the Swedish massages, through tantric massages and NURU, to more enigmatic massages like GFE massage. What is GFE massage? How is it different from other erotic massages?

GFE massage - atmosphere

During the GFE massage the most important thing is definitely the atmosphere. GFE massage (Girlfriend Experience massage) stands out by the individual treatment and informal / friendly relation between the masseuse and the client.

When having the GFE massage you shouldn’t feel like at the massage appointment in the parlour. You should feel more private. The massage and the contact you have with the masseuse should be really special. The masseuse should be focused on you. She shouldn’t be in rush. You should feel that the time spent together is also a pleasure for her (or at least you shouldn’t feel like she’s counting down the time till the end of the session – unfortunately sometimes it happens).

Imagine that you have a close friend or a girlfriend that is a masseuse or at least she knows how to give a nice massage. When meeting her you would be very relaxed. You would have nice conversation and very friendly relation. You would feel that you both have a good time and the massage that she makes is a pleasure for her and also an opportunity to spoil you a little and tempt you with a sensual touch. That is exactly how you should feel at the GFE massage.

GFE massage - new massage type?

GFE massage is not a new, seperate type of massage. It doesn’t have its own techniques nor a long history that would determine the standard range of the massage. The basis of GFE massage is usually Swedish massage or NURU massage. There are additional elements added to the session to create more tension and encourage closeness and passion.

Usually before or after the GFE massage you and the masseuse can take a shower or bath together. It is a nice begining of the meeting during which you can get comfortable with each other, have the first touch and get rid of the stress.

Very often the GFE massage involves kissing – on lips or kissing of body. More sexy versions of the massage allow oral sex (give or receive) or classic sex.

During the GFE massage almost always the mutual touch and hugging is allowed or even encouraged. Sometimes it’s possible to have a mutual massage too.

GFE massage - intro

When meeting a masseuse for a GFE massage you can usually expect a nice intro. Having a coffee or a glass of wine together, talking is a very nice introduction that for many men is important. During the conversation you can get to know each other and talk about each other preferences and expectations. The glass of wine makes you both more chilled and lets you move on smoothly to the massage.

Real GFE massage is rare

It is very, very rare to find a real GFE massage. GFE massage requires a lot from the masseuse – full dedication, good massage skills, natural sensuality and most importantly a will to be close with the man.

Finding “good massage skills” alone is hard enough, not even mentioning the rest 🙂 GFE massage is more popular amongst private masseuses. It’s undestandable. After all, the individual treament, passion, sensuality and will to be intimate with a client should be an initiative of the masseuse. It shouldn’t be imposed as another massage scheme to make while serving the client.

GFE massage made by me

How does the GFE massage made by me look like? For me the GFE massage is a combination of Swedish and NURU massage. During the massage we can touch, pamper, hug and kiss each other. The GFE massage can start from taking a bath or shower together. We can also start with having a glass of wine and getting to know each other. During massage the mutual massage is possible. The massage can be finished manually or orally. After the massage we can relax together, have some rest and if you like, have a shower together again.

You can find out more about the GFE massage here:

I am curious what is your experience with GFE massages. Have you ever tried one? Was it a succesfull atempt or you’re still looking for the unique GFE massage? What elements are the most important for you in the GFE massage? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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