What is Lingam Massage and Why You Should Try It?

Lingam massage is something every man should try to experience out-of-this-world pleasure and hyper-intense orgasms. Find out more about this amazing massage.

What is Lingam massage?

Lingam massage is a sex practice that is focused on massaging the penis. One could say that Lingam massage is just another word for a handjob, but it is defnitely much more than a regular handjob.

The goal of Lingam massage is not just releasing the sexual tension by having an orgasm. The main idea of Lingam massage is to try experience more sexual pleasure and unusual sensations that you might have not felt before.

Lingam massage involves a sensual massaging of penis, testicles and perineum (the area between genitals and anus). For even more intense sensations partners may decide to incorporate prostate massage into Lingam massage.

What is Lingam massage and why you should try this intimate erotic massage

Why every man should try Ligam massage?

Lingam massage is a very diverse form of caress. By using different techniques, tempo and intensity, a partner can give her man out-of-this-world sensations.

Intimate massage is a practice that honors the man, his penis and his sexuality. It’s an opportunity for the man to focus on himself and fully surrender to receiving pleasure.

As Lingam massage is not focused on reaching a quick orgasm and satisfaction, it can last very long and cause multiple waves of pleasure or even multiple orgasms.

During Lingam massage a man can practice controling his orgasm in order to delay it and be able to experience longer stimulation before the climax. Therefore, Lingam massage often involves edging. At the end of massage, when a man eventually reaches an orgasm, it’s very intense, deep and truly fulfilling.

Combining Lingam massage with other sexual activities

Lingam massage is usually performed as a Happy Beginning or a Happy Ending during an erotic massage.

But attentive and slow “handjob” can be a part of other sexual activities as well. For example mutual masturbation or as a part of foreplay / petting or preparation to oral sex and classic sex.

Handjob with edging can be performed in a kinky style as well. In that case it focuses more on extended stimulation and orgasm control (orgasm permission / orgasm denial), rather than relaxation.

Make sure to read my post about Why Handjob is Better than Sex to explore the benefits of Lingam massage.

And if you’d like to book a Lingam massage with me, check out the link below to find out more about my erotic massages.

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