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What's new in September

September is the month of getting back to work (or school or slowly preparing for studies). The month when everyone is very busy and a bit stressed. It is the perfect moment to find some time for massage and relaxation… Especially that in September there will be a totally new, very unique massage added to my services.

Special moment, very special massage

A bit later this year it will be 5 years since I started working as a masseuse. During this time I learned a lot, I got lots of experience and I developped a huge passion for massages.

For the past few months I’ve been thinking often about creating an authorial massage – the massage that would be a fusion of my favourite techniques and would fully reflect my approach to massages and relaxation. This massage will be my signature session. Something that is very ME. A massage that you can not get anywhere else. A massage that will be my favourite way of giving pleasure (and soon hopefully your favourite way of receiving pleasure). Something that gives unique, holistic and unforgetable experience.

I was preparing the massage for a few weeks now and September seems to be a perfect moment to finally share my new massage session with you.

This massage will be really amazing! But no spoilers for now – I will tell you more about the massage soon at the begining of September.

Do you have any ideas on what kind of massage can it be? I’m curious what your guess is.

Nicole Kaminski

Erotic masseuse in Warsaw

Writing has always been a pleasure for me. So has been giving erotic massages. This blog is a place where my two passions meet.

I write about erotic massages and working as a masseuse.


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