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Nicole Kaminski - professional erotic masseuse

Independent masseuse offering erotic massage in Krakow

I’m Nicole Kaminski. I’m a professional erotic masseuse. I am based in Warsaw and I offer erotic massages in Krakow (and other Polish cities). I’m one of top erotic masseuses in Poland.

Massage has been my passion for a long time. I have almost 5 years experience of working as a massage provider.

My speciality is a Full Body Swedish Massage and GFE massage, which is the most popular erotic massage from my services.

erotic massage krakow

About me

I am naturally a hardworking person and very sensual, tender girl. It affects my massages in the best possible way. Quality is always my priority in the massage. My massage sessions are very individual, my massages are solid, yet very erotic, sensual, exciting and satisfying.

How it all started...

I started working as a masseuse in a standard massage salon in Poznan in 2015. After a year of giving non-erotic massages at a massage parlour, I started providing massages with happy ending as an addition to my regular, Swedish massages. After a few weeks, in January 2017, fully erotic massages were my main services and I was already an independent, erotic masseuse with an own, cosy incall.

My massages were very appreciated by clients and I became one of top masseuses in Poznan very quickly. I felt the need to develop and a temptation to offer more, so after a while NURU body to body massage was added to my services. Being an erotic masseuse turned out to be very satisfying for me and my sensual nature.

In 2019 after a few years of improving my services and becoming a more recognizable masseuse not only in Poznan, but also in the rest of Poland, I decided to move to the capital of Poland – Warsaw. In January 2020 I moved to Warsaw and here I am. Currently I am focused on providing outcall / mobile erotic massages in Warsaw and other cities of Poland.

My massages

Erotic massage in Cracow - outcalls

I offer outcall, mobile massages in Krakow.
I can visit you in your hotel room or in your apartment.
The minimum time of massage session is 1 hour.

Classic relaxation

  • Full body Swedish massage
  • manual happy ending (Lingam massage)
  • touching me is allowed

Classic relaxation is an erotic massage session in the most standard version. The session includes full body Swedish / classic massage and a manual happy ending (Lingam massage).

The massage is always adjusted to your needs. It can be stronger or softer, depending on your preferations.

The happy ending is very sensual and long. The Lingam massage should bring you a lot of excitement and pleasure that lasts long and leads to an amazing fulfillment.

During the Lingam massage you can gently touch my body.

When to choose this massage?

This massage is perfect for you if you want to relax and relieve your muscles tension. During this kind of erotic massage you stay rather passive, enjoying the relaxation. At the end of session, during the intimate massage, you can become more active and touch me. Choose this type of massage if your main need is a relaxation.



220 €

980 zł


250 €

1.100 zł

GFE massage

  • Full body Swedish massage
  • NURU body to body massage
  • kissing
  • mutual touch
  • caress
  • oral or manual happy ending
  • mutual massage possible
  • shower/bath together possible
  • jaccuzzi/sauna together possible

GFE massage is the most erotic massage of all. It starts with a relaxing Swedish massage of the whole body. When you are in the relaxed state, I’m starting the Nuru massage – slow and very erotic body to body massage. During the body to body massage you can touch every inch of my oily body, you can hug me and kiss me. During the GFE massage oral sex is also possible. 

During the GFE massage session it is also possible to take a bath or shower together or have a mutual massage.

When to choose this massage?

GFE massage will be perfect for you if you need more closeness, caress and if you are interested in a highly erotic massage. GFE massage will be the right choice if you like being active during massage session, you like mutual touch or mutual massage or if you like options like oral happy ending or a bath together.



280 €

1250 zł


320 €

1400 zł


350 €

1550 zł

Additional options (no extra payment):
– double fulfillment (at the begining and the end of massage)
– stockings

Why outcall?

Mobile erotic massage in Krakow

Mobile erotic massage is a great way to experience sensual massage without leaving home/room. When we finish our session, you will be very relaxed and you will be able to just stay where you are and extend you relaxation time or even take a nap…

Having massage in a hotel room has also other advantages – we can go to jaccuzzi or swimming pool together or if you like to prepare well for the massage, we can have a sauna session together.
I’ve offered both – incall and outcall massages – one of the best massage sessions I had were outcall massages. As a client you feel more relaxed in your own place and generally you are able to enjoy the massage even better.

Ordering a mobile massage is a huge comfort and it really makes a difference for the most of clients in the way they experience the massage session.

erotic massage cracow


Frequently asked questions about erotic massages

I offer outcall erotic massages in Cracow (and in other Polish cities). The massage can take place in your hotel room or an apartment.

I use 100% natural almond oil for all my massages. It’s unscented, neutral and healthy for the skin. It washes off easily in the shower and is “discreet”.

If you’re interested in booking an erotic massage in Cracow, simply contact me to schedule a massage session. Please contact me at least a day in advance if possible.

I’m an independent, private masseuse. I do not work for any massage salon.

The maximum time of active massage for me is 2h. However, if our session involves takinga a shower or bath together, long caress or mutual massage, it can last longer than 2 hours.

Of course. My massages are professional. Though they are sensual and erotic, they are also solid and can help you relieve the muscle pain and tension. Keep in mind that if you’ve experienced muscle pain for a long time, one massage session may not be enough.

I offer two kinds of erotic massage: Classic Relaxation and GFE massage. The Classic Relaxation massage is finished with Lingam massage – manual happy ending. GFE massage can be finished with manual intimate massage or oral happy ending. 

Both of those types of happy ending are very sensual and satisfying.

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Nicole Kaminski

Erotic masseuse in Krakow

  • Professional massage
  • Sensual happy ending
  • Good atmosphere
  • Great communication
  • Passion for massage

Mobile massage

Outcall erotic massage in Cracow

  • Saving time - no need to spend time on traveling
  • Comfort - you feel relaxed at your own home/room
  • Convenience - no need to leave and drive car after hour of relaxation


  1. I meet at least for 1h in Warsaw and other Polish cities and at least for 12h for Fly Me To You in Europe. I meet in 4* and 5* hotels and apartments.
  2. In case of meeting in other city than Warsaw (or in case of a meeting in Warsaw in other place than a hotel) with a new client for the first time, I require a 20% deposit. I do not meet men for whom sending a deposit for Fly Me To You date is a problem. In case of a meeting in Warsaw, in a hotel, I do not require a deposit.
  3. Accepted deposit payment methods: PayPal, BLIK cheque, gift cards (AmazonDE, ZalandoPL), Bitcoin.
  4. In case of ‘fly me to you’ meetings in Europe all costs are on your side. The flight expenses must be paid in advance and sent together with the deposit. In case of ‘fly me to you’ meetings in Poland (and the mobile massage in Poland), the travel costs are already in the price.
  5. If you cancel the date later than 48h in advance, the deposit will not be returned and will be treated as a compensation. If you cancel the date 48h before the meeting or earlier, the money will be kept as a deposit for our next date that should be scheduled during next 4 weeks. If you cancel/reschedule our meeting 2 times in a row, the deposit will not be returned. If for any reason the date will be cancelled by me, the deposit will be sent back to you by PayPal or a gift card.
  6. I accept EUR and PLN. During tours local currencies are also accepted.