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Erotic Massage Warsaw - Nicole Kaminski - Private masseuse

Are you looking for a private, professional masseuse that would take care of you and focus on your needs? Perhaps you’re looking for a deeply relaxing massage that ends with a truly sensual, passionate happy ending.

Look no more. You just found your perfect masseuse.
I’m Nicole and I’d be happy to arrange a relaxing massage session with you. Come and find out more about my massages.

About my erotic massages

Warsaw Erotic massages - incall and outcall

I provide:

  • incall massages – in my private apartment in the center of Warsaw
  • outcall massages – in your hotel room or apartment
  • erotic massages for men, women and couples

Massage adjusted to your needs

Happy Ending massage Warsaw

An ideal erotic massage should be a good mix of solid techniques and sensuality. My massage sessions are always adjusted to your needs and expectations.

Weather you wish to focus more on the relaxation and releasing tension in your body or you dream of a highly erotic, arousing massage, you will find my massages satisfying and fulfilling.

Erotic massage session

Erotic massage Warsaw

A massage session usually starts with a full-body Swedish massage. During this part you can calm down and indulge yourself in relaxation.

Then massage gets more sensual and arousing. I’m massaging your thigs, slowly caressing your neck, rubbing you with my breasts, belly and thighs… Kissing you… Slowly starting intimate foreplay that may lead to wonderful happy ending: Lingam massage, oral sex or passionate classic sex in a true GFE style.

Erotic massage may involve:

If you like to make a massage session a bit more spicy, we can combine massage with Kinky Experience or we can add some additional options (listed on the rates page). Need some more inspiration? Check the massage ideas below.

Massage at your place
When we meet at your place, there’s a few things you should take care of. Please prepare one big towel to spread on the bed, one extra towel for me and a box of tissues on the beside table. All other things that we may need during an erotic massage I’m going to have with me.

Massage at my place
When you visit me, you don’t need to prepare or bring anything. I’m going to provide everything that we’re going to need. You can also take a shower at my place, so feel free to come for massage straight from work.

Erotic Massage FAQ

Erotic massage is a relaxing massage session with an addition of sensuality. Erotic massage can be performed in many different ways. Usually erotic massage is a full body massage with some type of Happy Ending.

Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage in Europe. Erotic Swedish massage can be done on a massage table, mattress or bed. Erotic Swedish massage can be a soft, relaxing massage or may involve stronger techniques that help relieve the muscle tension and reduce the pain.

Nuru Massage / Body to Body massage
Nuru massage is a very erotic massage that usually takes place on a massage mattress or bed. During Nuru massage the masseuse uses a special nuru gel or oil. She spreads it on her body and clients body and the rubs client with her whole body: belly, thighs, breasts and even intimate parts. Nuru massage is often called Body to Body Massage / Body Slide / Japanese Nuru.

Mutual massage
Mutual massage is a wonderful session during which two partner give each other massage, carres. Often it may involve intimate massage, oral sex, kisses or classic sex. Mutual Erotic Massage is a great session for everyone. you don’t have to be a massage professional. Partners can give each other intuitive massage, which is a very nice form of erotic massage.

Lingam massage
Lingam massage is a sensualintimate massage of penis. Lingam massage is slow, nice and adjusted to partner’s needs. usually it leads to an orgasm, although orgasm itself is not the main goal of the massage. The goal is to give long sexual pleasure to the man.

Yoni massage
Yoni massage is a sensual massage of vagina. Similarly to Lingam massage, it is slow, attentive massage that may lead to orgasm.

GFE Massage
GFE massage combines many elements of all the massages above such as Swedish massage, Nuru, mutual massage and more…

GFE massage is the most erotic massage of all. The erotic GFE massage that I provide starts with a Full Body Swedish massage. Then it slowly changes into sensual Nuru massage enriched with passionate kisses, mutual touch and mutual masturbation. GFE massage involves also oral sex and amazing classic sex. There is no one scenario for GFE massage. We can always adjust the session to your needs and preferences. We can include a joint shower or relaxing bath or even elements of Kinky Experience.

Yes. I provide mobile erotic massage in Warsaw. I can visit you in your apartment or your hotel room.

I am a professional, qualified masseuse. I have finished many certified massage courses such as Swedish massage, Balinese massage, Lomi Lomi massage. The massage that I do is a mix of all my favourite techniques and is always adjusted to the client. 

I have worked as a professional non-erotic massage therapist since 2015 and as an erotic masseuse since 2016.

No. I am 100% private, independent masseuse. I don’t work for any of the erotic massage salons in Warsaw.

Booking an erotic massage in Warsaw

Read more about erotic massages

On my blog you can read more about erotic massages and GFE sessions.
Go to: my blog >> #massage

Book an erotic massage in Warsaw with me

To book an erotic massage session, please read the booking instructions and contact me to schedule a session.

Ideas for an erotic massage session

Erotic massages Warsaw - ideas

An erotic massage session is always adjusted to your needs and fantasies. There is no strict script that we must follow during the massage. If you have an idea about how you’d like the session to go, let me know when booking the meeting. Below I’m giving you a few ideas for a massage session. Check them out and get inspired.

Erotic massage Warsaw / Lingam Massage

Relaxing massage with an erotic Lingam massage

Indulge yourself in a long, thorough full-body Swedish massage and enjoy a sensual intimate Lingam massage that will lead you to an amazing orgasm. During this kind of session you can focus on yourself and stay totally passive, switch off and detatch from everything around.

A long, relaxing session is perfect if you need a solid regenrative massage. If you like massages with just a hint of sensuality, Lingam massage is just what you need. Erotic Lingam massage is an intimate massage that starts with a gentle touch, like soft brushing with finger tips. Then it gets a bit stronger and faster, but still with lots of tenderness.

The goal of erotic Lingam massage is to give unusual pleasure to the partner. Men often say that a good Lingam massage is even better than sex. It let’s you feel more and let’s you feel this unique skink-to-skin touch of warm, oily hands. During Lingam massage you get to experience many different techniques done with different tempo nd intensity. The orgasm after the long Lingam massage is trylu wonderful.

Erotic massage Warsaw / GFE Massage

Classic GFE massage

If you’re planning to try the erotic GFE massage in a “classic version”, you’ll have a chance to experience one of the most sensual massages of all.

The massage may start with a Swedish massage, during which you can relax a bit. Then I’m going to give you a seductive Nuru massage – I’ll be rubbing you gently with my breasts, belly and thighs. I’ll be kissing your neck, your cheeks, your ears, making you more and more aroused.

Then, after you turn over, I’ll be massaging your penis with my belly, sliding my oily body on yours. We can kiss passionately and continue this hot foreplay and have passionate sex.

Erotic massage Warsaw / Mutual Massage

Mutual massage, mutual pleasure

Mutual massage is one of my favourite sessions. It’s a beautiful ritual of giving and receiving. The session may start from a relaxing massage given to you, during which you have a chance to relax and get familiar with some massage techniques that I use. Then it’s going to be your turn to give massage to me.

I love receiving massages, so don’t worry if your massage is not professional. It’s going to be a pleasure for me anyway. If you’d like, I can give you some suggestions during the session and teach you a few new massage techniques.

The finale in the mutual erotic massage session can start with a mutual intimate massage. We may lay next to each other or sit comfortably next to each other, cuddle, kiss and give each other pleasure. We may also enjoy a mutual oral sex, and classic sex.

After the session we can take a joint shower together and wash each others bodies, which is a nice way to refresh and cool down after an arousing session.

Erotic massage Warsaw / Happy Beginning Massage

Erotic massage with a happy beginning

If you’re a man who gets excited quite easily during an erotic massage and you noticed that the constant arousal doesn’t allow you to focus on massage and relax well, you might want to try a massage with happy beginning.

This type of session starts with a sensual massage of your front side and a happy beginning – an intimate massage (or o oral sex / classic sex). After the fulfillment, you take a quick shower and then we may begin the relaxing massage.

Erotic massage Warsaw / Happy beginning & Happy ending Massage

Erotic massage with a happy beginning & a happy ending

If one “happy ending” during an erotic massage session is not enough for you, try an erotic massage with a happy beginning and a happy ending.

The first part of the massage is exactly the same as described above. First you get a short sensual massage and a happy beginning, and then after a quick shower, you get a deeply relaxing massage. The second part of the massage involves a happy ending, which can be either a Lingam massage or the happy ending in a more GFE style.

An erotic massage with happy beginning and a happy ending is very satisfying, especially for men who love multiple fulfillments.

Erotic massage Warsaw / Duo Massage

Erotic DUO massage

Try an erotic massage with me and one of my friends. Together we can give you a full-body sensual massage and an amazing happy ending.

Would you like us to give you an intense oral sex together? Or maybe you’d love to see us play with each other? How about a classic thressome after a relaxing massage? There are so many things we can during an erotic Duo massage, but one thing is sure – you’re going to love our massage, tempting caress, soft kisses and the view of 2 beatiful, truly bisexual girls.

Erotic massage Warsaw / VIP Massage

Long, luxurious erotic massage session

Do you want to feel like a king and treat yourself to a VIP massage session? Let’s plan a long wellness ritual combined with a sensual massage.

We can start with a glass of wine and a long hot bath with a soft chillout music in the background and aroma candles around. Then I can give you a full body scrub – it’s a nice treatment that prepares your skin for massage and allows it to absorb more beneficial, natural massage oil.

Then after you shower and wash off the the scrub, we can start a long, thorough, deeply relaxing massage including head massage, face massage, feet massage and hands massage. We can finish our sensual massage session with one happy ending or more.

Would you like to extend the meeting and enjoy a whole evening / night together? We can start the meeting with a dinner date. If you’re staying in a SPA hotel, we can have a sauna session together or relax a bit in the jacuzzi.

After such a night you will be rested, fulfilled, relaxed and totally reset.

Erotic massage Warsaw / Domination Massage

Erotic massage with soft domination

If in your everyday life you’re always in charge and in control of everything, then an erotic massage with a soft domination is going to be a perfect opportunity for you to let go. Let me be in control, lay back and just enjoy…

We may incorporate different domination elements into our session – it all depends on your preferences and boundaries.

For example, we may try a massage with bondage & cuffs. If you want to narrow down the stimuli and focus mainly on what you feel, you can be blindfolded during the massage. When giving you a happy ending, I can extend the intimate massage or oral sex and not let you come for a long time (edging).

If you like we can add some spanking, role play, face sitting or sex toys. If you enjoy this type of pleasure, I can also give you a prostate massage (details below).

Erotic massage Warsaw / Prostate Massage Warsaw

Intense pleasure - prostate massage

Prostate massage is a nice addition to Lingam massage. If you’d like to explore this type of pleasure, an erotic massage session is a perfect opportunity for that.

After the relaxing massage, I may begin massaging your thighs, buttocks and crotch and then start a sensual prostate massage with my hands. If you like, we can also add some sex toys (prostate massager, strap-on).

An orgasm after a long Lingam massage and prostate massage is really intense and amazing.

Erotic massage Warsaw / Kinky Erotic Massage

Kinky erotic massage

Erotic massage mixed with a bit of kink can be a real naughty pleasure. During an erotic kinky massage, we can try some role play or domination / submission / seduction play.

We can try some bondage, sex toys and blindfolding. If you’re into womens’ feet, I can give you some massage with my feet and then massage your intimate parts with my feet as well. You can also massage them, kiss them, lick them and suck them.

If enjoy watching lesbi show, we can invite one of my friends to the session. I can give her a sensual massage and a beautiful orasm while you watch us. Or if you prefer, you may join us at some point…

Mixing erotic massage with kink gives so many opportunities for naughty fun. It all depends on what you like.

Erotic massage for women Warsaw / Yoni massage

Erotic massage for women

I provide erotic massage for women. The session can be just a relaxing massage with a soft Yoni massage or it can involve more sensuality. Erotic massage for women can include all the elements such as oral sex, multiple fulfillment, passionate kisses etc.

Erotic massage Warsaw / Erotic massage for couples Warsaw

Erotic massage for couples

If you’re a couple and you’d like to enjoy a sensual massage together, I’ll be happy to provide it to you. Erotic massage for couple may involve mutual massage, relaxing massage for both of the partners, Yoni/Lingam massage as well as oral sex, kisses, classic sex and threesome.

Erotic massage Warsaw

I am a professional masseuse providing erotic massage in Warsaw. I’m naturally a sensual woman, so my massages are a great mix of hot sensuality and solid massage techniques. If you’re looking for a real erotic massage in Warsaw, book a massage session with me. i’m sure after the session you will feel relaxed, satisfied and fulfilled.

GFE massage Warsaw

My favourite type of massage is GFE massage. It’s the most erotic massage of all. The session usually starts with a full body relaxing massage based on Sedish massage techniques. Then massage slowly becomes more sensual. I’m starting to rub you with my hot oily body, kiss your neck, tempt you and make you aroused… Erotic GFE massage involves deep passionate kisses and cuddling, mutual touch and mutual masturbation. The massage is finished with oral sex, classic sex and Lingam massage.

Nuru massage Warsaw

Nuru massage is an erotic body to body massage during which a masseuse rubs your body with her oily belly, breasts, thighs, feet and intimate parts. Nuru massge is very relaxing and arousing. If you’re looking for Nuru massage in Warsaw / body to body massage in Warsaw, then a session with me is what you need.

Massage with sex Warsaw

Erotic GFE massage is a relaxing, erotic massage with sex. It involves oral sex and clasic sex as well as passionate kissing, mutual masturbation and foreplay. Erotic massage with sex in Warsaw //  GFE massage with sex in Warsaw

Erotic massage with blowjob Warsaw

GFE massage is an erotic massage that involves oral sex / blowjob / OWO. Relax during a sensual session and enjoy long, passionate, extremely exciting blowjob.

Private masseuse Warsaw

I am a private masseuse providing erotic massage in Warsaw. Here you can view my Yelp profile. I am a private massage provide. With me you can always expect individual contact, highest standards and full descretion. If you’re looking for a private erotic masseuse in Warsaw, then my services are just for you.

Erotic massage in hotel Warsaw, mobile massage

I provide mobile erotic massage in Warsaw. I can visit you in your hotel room or your apartment to give you a relaxing massage with sensual Happy Ending. If you’re interested to meet me at my place, I also provide incall erotic massage in a private, comfortable apartment in the center of  Warsaw.

Verified erotic masseuse in Warsaw

I am a verified, independent masseuse. I am verified on the best international escort directories. You can view my profile here. If you’re interested to read reviews about my meetings, you can also check them out here.

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