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Erotic Massage Warsaw

Enjoy a deeply relaxing, sensual massage with a beautiful masseuse…

If you need a moment of relaxation, a little escape from your everyday routine, or you’d love to experience an authentic erotic massage in Warsaw, you’re in the right place.

Come and find out more about my erotic massage sessions.

Erotic Massage Warsaw - Nicole Kaminski - Sensual Massage

Sensual massage in Warsaw with Nicole Kaminski

Top quality service & Passion for massage

Relaxing, friendly atmosphere

Real Massage,
True Erotism

Sensual Massage, Happy Ending Massage & more

Erotic Massage Sessions

Deep Relaxation

Also possible: Mutual Touch, Mutual Massage, Joint Shower, Happy Beginning

Pure Bliss

Also possible: Mutual Touch, Mutual Massage, Joint Shower, Happy Beginning

VIP session

Also possible: Mutual Touch, Mutual Massage, Joint Shower, Happy Beginning

Spicy Additions

Ckeck out the Spicy Additions, available without any extra costs.

My place or your place?

Sensual massage in Warsaw

Incall (massage at my apartment)

Sensual massage at my apartment is a great choice for you if you prefer to visit the masseuse for the session. I provide incall massages at my private apartment in the city center. Enjoy the relaxing, sensual atmosphere and the space prepared with great care for your visit…

Outcall (massage at your apartment / hotel room)

Outcall massage, on the other hand, can be a convenient option for you if you’d like the masseuse to visit you at your home or provide outcall massage at hotel room. If you don’t want to spend time on commuting to the given address and prefer to just relax at the comforts of your own home / hotel room, you can get massage delivered right to your door.

During outcall sensual massage I provide everything we need for the session. At the beginning of my visit I prepare the setting to make your room a perfect space for the relaxing massage. With a gentle music, dimmed lights and optionally, candles / incense, you can indulge in the vibrating atmosphere of an erotic massage studio, without even leaving your room.

No extra costs

The prices given at the pricing list are the final cost. There is no extra charge for outcall massage (e.g. for taxi), nor for the incall visit.

What does the erotic massage look like?

Erotic massage & Sensual massage Warsaw

Each erotic massage session, provided by different Warsaw masseuses (or offered at different erotic massage salons in Warsaw) is a bit different. Everybody has their own style and techniques. Here’s what you can expect during an erotic massage with me (example VIP session described below).

Customized erotic massage in Warsaw for those who seek a unique exeprience

A sensual massage with me is a deeply relaxing and satisfying experience. The session is adjusted to your needs. Weather you wish to focus more on the relaxing massage, or the sensual part, you’ll find my massage very fulfilling and enjoyable.

During massage we can just go with the flow or we can plan the details before the session to make sure there’s enough time given to the elements you like the most.

Joint shower before the sensual massage

Before massage (and after) you get to enjoy a relaxing joint shower, which is an ideal intro to the session. It allows us to get comfortable with each other and warm up for the massage. 

Full-Body Sensual Massage for a relaxing beginning

After the shower you can unwind during a soothing, relaxing massage of a whole body. My relaxing massage is based on the techniques of Lomi Lomi Massage, Swedish Massage and Balinese Massage.

Optionally I can use Regenerative Massage techniques if you need a stronger, deeper massage.

Getting closer... Body-to-Body

After a relaxing massage I’ll smoothly begin a sensual body-to-body Nuru massage, during which I’ll gently rub your body with my belly, thigs and breasts. The arousing massage made with a use of oil heats up the atmosphere before the erotic happy ending… If you’ve been dreaming to try a truly sensual massage in Warsaw, you will love the highly erotic Body-To-Body massage with me…

A beautiful fulfillment - Happy Ending Massage in Warsaw

After the erotic massage, when you’re aroused and ready for even more sensuality, we’ll start the happy ending massage. You’ll get to enjoy a happy ending in different styles (Lingam massage or Yoni Massage and a happy ending in a real style of GFE massage).

Full Mutuality during the Erotic Massage

During the happy ending, the sensual massage and joint shower you can enjoy full mutuality – the massage session allows mutual touch, mutual intimate touch and optionally mutual massage (for those who love giving massage to the masseuse). The session also allows passionate kisses and body kissing that make the session even more intimate.

Optional Happy Beginning - If you need more fulfillments during a sensual massage

Each session also allows an optional Happy Beginning. There is no extra cost for the Happy Beginning. During a massage session with me you can enjoy multiple fulfillments.

FAQ and tips for clients

Warsaw Erotic Massage

Here are some frequently asked questions about the erotic massages and some helpful tips for clients who plan to book an erotic massage in Warsaw with me.

How long should the erotic massage last?

That depends what you expect from the erotic massage. If you’re fatigued or tense and you’re going to need a deeper, regenerative massage to get fully relaxed before the sensual part of the massage, I recommend getting at least a 90min massage.

If you plan to have a happy beginning and a happy ending during one session, I’d also recommend booking at least a 90min. massage session.

Choosing a longer session is recommended if you’d like to include long joint shoer or bath, some introduction and conversation before the massage or if you like laying down, cuddling and resting together for a bit after the finished massage.

If you think you’ll be fully satisfied with a shorter session and a delicate, relaxing massage, then 1h session might be perfect for you.

Who is sensual massage for?

Sensual massage in Warsaw is for everybody who enjoys relaxation and wish to feel the caring touch of a woman. If you need some closeness and intimacy, if you love exploring sensual pleasures or simply, if you need some sexual fulfillment, a sensual massage is for you. Gentlemen visiting Warsaw often feel the need to recharge after traveling or wish to do something for themselves during breaks between business meetings. In this case getting an sensual massage in Warsaw is a perfect opportunity to unwind and take care of their needs.

How to prepare for the erotic massage?

When booking an erotic massage at your place, the only thing I’ll ask you to prepare are 2 big towels (1 to put on a bed and one for me) and a box of tissues for the beside table. All other things such us oil, music etc I will have with me.

If you visit me at my apartment, you don’t need to prepare in any way. When you arrive you’ll have an opportunity to refresh and prepare for the erotic massage.

Are you a professional masseuse?

Yes, I’m a professional masseuse and a certified Wellness Therapist. I finished multiple massage courses (Balinese Massage, Swedish Massage, Lomi-Lomi massage and more) and I’m an experienced masseuse. Although my massages are professional, they are very sensual as well.

Are you an independent masseuse or do you work for some erotic massage parlour in Warsaw?

I’m an independent, private masseuse. I don’t work for any erotic massage salon in Warsaw.

I've never had an erotic massage. Any tips for the beginners?

If you’ve never tried an erotic massage before, you need to check out this post that provides tips for beginners >> First Time getting an Erotic Massage – Tips for Clients

Book an erotic massage in Warsaw

To book an erotic massage in Warsaw with me, please read the booking instructions and contact me to schedule a session. Remember to book at least a few days in advance.

Learn more about erotic massages - My Blog

Erotic Massage in Warsaw - find out more

Relax and recharge with an erotic massage in Warsaw

Do you feel fatigued, tense and stressed? Take a break and indulge yourself in an erotic massage in Warsaw. My sensual massages will help you rest your body and mind. Erotic massage in Warsaw with me is going to be your little escape from everyday world. Erotic Massage in Warsaw provided by me is an opportunity for you calm your mind, regenerate your body and achieve a sensual fulfillment.

Explore your desires at an erotic massage in Warsaw with a professional masseuse

Getting a Warsaw Erotic Massage is also a chance for you to explore your sexuality and experience an unusual sensual pleasure. As a trained massage therapist and a naturally sensual woman I know how to take care of man and his every need. Let me show you my beautiful world of sensual pleasure by inviting you for an erotic massage in Warsaw with me.

Full-Body Erotic Massage in Warsaw for deep relaxation - Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most popular type of massages in Europe. It’s often called a Classic Massage / Full-Body Massage and it’s a foundation of many treatments. Erotic massage based on Swedish techniques can be done on a massage table, mattress or bed. Erotic massage can be a soft, relaxing massage or may involve stronger techniques that help relieve the muscle tension and reduce the pain. If you’re looking for erotic massage in Warsaw for deep relaxation, rest and regeneration, an erotic massage session with Swedish massage is exactly what you need.
Luxurious Ertic massage in Warsaw
How to find the best erotic massage in Warsaw

Happy Ending Massage Warsaw for deeper fulfillment

Happy Ending Massage is a broad term that describes relaxing massages with a sensual finale. All massages described above are in fact happy ending massages. I you’d like to try a happy ending massage in Warsaw, you can choose any of my massage session with a fulfillment.

Full Body Massage is a happy ending massage that is finished with Lingam massage. The rest of the sessions involve even more sensual types of happy ending massages. Depending on what type of a Happy Ending Massage in Warsaw you’re looking for, the Relaxation & Nuru massage, Back & Shoulders massage or Sensual Massage session will be right for you.

Sensual Massage Warsaw for clients who need relaxation and sensual pleasure

Sensual Massage in Warsaw is for you if you love relaxing massages but need just a bit more of sensuality. Sensual Massage Warsaw provided by me is a perfectly balanced professional massage with addition of erotic caress. So if you’re interested in trying a sensual massage in Warsaw, make sure to learn more about my Sensual Massage Session.

Sensual Massage Session is a 60min. / 90min. session that involves full body sensual massage and an erotic happy ending. If you wish, we can also start with a sensual beginning. To book a sensual massages in Warsaw with me, please visit the Bookings page below and coontact me to schedule a session.

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