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Erotic masssage Warsaw


When was the last time someone took care of you? When you felt relaxed and peaceful? If you need a good rest, a long thorough massage and sensual touch, try a GFE massage session with me. I’ll give you everything you need… If you’re looking for an erotic massage in Warsaw, book a session with me.

Erotic massage Warsaw | Nicole Kaminski - private masseuse
GFE massage - erotic massages in Warsaw

Erotic massage Warsaw | Nicole Kaminski

The GFE massage is the most erotic massage of all. The session may start from a joint shower during which we can wash each other, touch and kiss passionately. After the shower we can start the massage.

Usually the GFE massage session starts from a full body relaxing massage. During massage I use my favourite and the most precious techniques from many different massages from all around the world and adjust the massage to your preferances and needs.

After the classic massage of the whole body I will start a very tempting nuru massage. I will spread oil on my body and will rub you with my breasts, belly, thighs and butt. I will be pampering and kissing you. You can also kiss me and touch every inch of my oily body. Body to body massage is very arousing and sexual. During the nuru massage we can be both active and decide about the massage will go and what will happen next.

We can finish the massage with Lingam massage, oral sex and classic sex. All the options are very nice, sensual and bring really amazing sensations for you.


The massage can take place in my studio (on massage table or mat) or at client’s place or a hotel room (on a bed). During massage I use professional, natural oils. Massage can be done with a use of an aroma massage candle.

I offer massages for women, men and couples.

Massage may involve:

Additional options

Double happy ending

During the session we can have two happy endings. It’s a good option if you usually get very aroused during massage and it’s hard for you to fully relax. The first “finale” is done at the beginning of the session. The after a quick shower we continue massage. At the end of massage we will have another happy ending.

You can read more about this kind of massage on my blog:

Your own version of massage

If you have your own idea about how you’d like the massage to look, we can adjuste the session to your idea. During the massage you can always decide about how the massage goes and take the initiative.

We may include some other interesting elements in the session, such as:

Warsaw - erotic massage with a private masseuse Nicole Kaminski
Professional erotic massage Warsaw
Erotic massages for men - Warsaw
Warsaw erotic massage

It's time for you to relax...

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Erotic massage in Warsaw

Nicole Kaminski | Private erotic masseuse Warsaw

I’m Nicole Kaminski. I’m a professional erotic masseuse. I offer erotic massages for men, women and couples. I am based in Warsaw and I’m one of top erotic masseuses in Poland.

Massage has been my passion for a long time. I have almost 5 years experience of working as a massage provider.

My speciality is a GFE massage, the most erotic massage of all.

Erotic massage - the benefits

Erotic massage Warsaw

Erotic massage can benefit you in many ways. The first benefit is obviously relaxation. An erotic massage session is the time when you can focus just on yourself and your pleasure. Erotic sensual massage relaxes your muscles and can help you reduce muscle tension and soreness. Sensual oil massage is good for your skin – natural oils used during massage nourish your skin and massage techniques used by the masseuse improve your blood circulation. Your body is relaxed, refreshed and regenerated. After the session you feel rested and sexually fulfilled.

Is an erotic massage for you?

Erotic massages in Warsaw

You might be wondering if erotic massage is for you. If you feel fatigued and you need some time to reset, massage is exactly what you need. If you like sensual touch, caress and closeness, then a sensual erotic massage will be right for you. During an erotic massage session you can feel the real closeness and the gentle, caring touch of a beautiful masseuse. If you like to get really close during a massage, you can choose the full GFE massage with oral sex and classic sex. Your experience will be amazing – deeply relaxing and satisfying.

Erotic massage is the right choice for all gentlemen who seek a unique relaxing experience and would like to try a professional sensual massage.

What does an erotic massage look like?

Erotic GFE massage Warsaw

Erotic massage session may start from a joint shower or bath. Then, we can go to the massage room and start the massage. Usually massage begins with full body Swedish massage that leads to a sensual NURU body to body massage. After a few moments of hot body to body massage, the sensual part of the massage starts. Now you can touch me, kiss me and if you like, give me massage. The massage session is finished with happy ending – manual (Lingam massage) or oral sex / classic sex.

A perfect erotic massage - a moment just for you

Happy endning massage Warsaw

During an erotic massage you can fully relax, get detached from your everyday life, responsibilities and focus on your pleasure. During the session you can experience deep relaxation. The massage takes place in a comfortable massage room – with relaxing music, candles, in a nice, soothing atmosphere. After a perfect massage session you will feel regenerated, relaxed and happy.

Every massage session is different. Every massage is justified to my client, his needs and expectations. I’m a professional masseuse and massage is my true passion. In every session I do my best to give you something good from myself and show you a beautiful world of massage, touch, sensuality and relaxation.

Enjoy the full relaxation during an erotic massage.

Professional erotic massage Warsaw

During an erotic massage you have an opportunity to reset and rest. I strongly recommend that you switch of your phone, take off your smartwatches and everything that might distract you. The way you experience the session depends a lot on you – try to focus on here and now and get the most from an erotic massage session.


Erotic massage in Warsaw - questions

I offer outcall and incall erotic massages in Warsaw (and in other Polish cities). The massage can take place in your hotel room or an apartment or in my place.

I use 100% natural almond oil for all my massages. It’s unscented, neutral and healthy for the skin. It washes off easily in the shower and is “discreet”.

If you’re interested in booking an erotic massage in Warsaw, simply contact me to schedule a massage session. Please contact me at least a day in advance if possible.

I’m an independent, private masseuse. I do not work for any massage salon.

The maximum time of active massage for me is 2h. However, if our session involves takinga a shower or bath together, long caress or mutual massage, it can last longer than 2 hours.

Of course. My massages are professional. Though they are sensual and erotic, they are also solid and can help you relieve the muscle pain and tension. Keep in mind that if you’ve experienced muscle pain for a long time, one massage session may not be enough.

I offer two kinds of erotic massage: Classic Relaxation and GFE massage. The Classic Relaxation massage is finished with Lingam massage – manual happy ending. GFE massage can be finished with manual intimate massage or oral happy ending. 

Both of those types of happy ending are very sensual and satisfying.

Learn more about erotic massages

What is an erotic massage?

Erotic massage Warsaw

Erotic massage is a sensual massage of the whole body, including intimate parts. Erotic massage has two main goals – to relax the clients and to give them sexual fulfillment. Erotic massage can be performed on massage table, mat or bed. Usually erotic massage is made with the use of oil, aroma oil, aroma massage candles or gel. Erotic massage starts from full body massage that gets the client in a relaxed state and is finished with a happy ending. The happy ending can be: Lingam massage, oral sex or classic sex. Other types of happy endings can be done with feet or body-to-body.

What types of erotic massages are there?

Nuru body to body massage Warsaw

The most standard type of erotic massage is Swedish massage with Lingam massage. Another massage that is a bit more sensual is NURU massage. During a Nuru massage masseuse rubs your body with her own body – that’s why it’s called body-to-body massage. Other popular types of massages that can be performed as an erotic massage are Lomi Lomi massage, tantric massage, oriental massages.

How to behave during an erotic massage session? What is allowed?

Erotic GFE massage Warsaw

During an erotic GFE massage with me you can touch me, kiss me and give me a relaxing massage. Oral sex and classic sex are also included in massage. A session may also involve a joint shower or bath and an additional happy ending.

Erotic massage for couples - enjoy the relaxation together.

Erotic massage Warsaw | Nicole Kaminski | GFE sensual massage

If you’d like to experience an erotic massage with your partner, consider getting erotic couples massage. During this kind of session, you can learn how to give a relaxing massage, you can give an erotic massage to your partner with me or you can just relax together while I give massage to both of you.

Nicole Kaminski - Erotic masseuse

I am naturally a hardworking person and very sensual, tender girl. It affects my massages in the best possible way. Quality is always my priority in the massage. My massage sessions are very individual, my massages are solid, yet very erotic, sensual, exciting and satisfying.

How I became an erotic masseuse in Warsaw.

I started working as a masseuse in a standard massage salon in Poznan in 2015. After a year of giving non-erotic massages at a massage parlour, I started providing massages with happy ending as an addition to my regular, Swedish massages. After a few weeks, in January 2017, fully erotic massages were my main services and I was already an independent, erotic masseuse with an own, cosy incall.

My massages were very appreciated by clients and I became one of top masseuses in Poznan very quickly. I felt the need to develop and a temptation to offer more, so after a while NURU body to body massage was added to my services. Being an erotic masseuse turned out to be very satisfying for me and my sensual nature.

In 2019 after a few years of improving my services and becoming a more recognizable masseuse not only in Poznan, but also in the rest of Poland, I decided to move to the capital of Poland – Warsaw. In January 2020 I moved to Warsaw and here I am. Currently I am focused on providing outcall / mobile erotic massages in Warsaw and other cities of Poland.