Polish Escort Guide, Sex Guide for visitors in Poland

Polish Escort Guide

Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Gdansk

How too book an escort in Poland? Where to find good escorts in Poland? Is meeting escorts legal in Poland?

Polish Escort Guide – tips from Polish escort for clients

If you’re reading this post you are probably visiting Poland and wondering if booking an escort here is legal and safe. And if so, what is the best way to book an escort and what you should know before booking. Let me help you with my little escort guide for men visiting Poland.

is meeting escort in poland legal

Is booking an escort / call girl in Poland legal?

Polish Escort Guide - legality

Yes, it is legal. You can book an escort and it will be totally legal.
In Poland prostitution is legal – it is legal to sell sex and legal to buy sex. Only brothels / agencies and pimping are illegal.

poland meeting an escort - safety rules

Is it safe to meet escorts in Poland?

Polish Escort Guide - safety

Generally it is safe, but you should know a few safety rules and always be careful (this is similar in all countries):
1. Book only verified escorts and use only popular trusty escort sites to find an escort.
2. If you visit escort in her place, do not take any valuable things with you – take only the exact amount of money you’re going to need. When you meet an escort in your hotel room, put all your valuable things into the safe – there are a few unhonest escorts in every country.
3. Send deposits only to reputable escorts.

How to book an escort in Poland

How to book an escort in Poland? Which directories to use to find a girl?

Polish Escort Guide - directories, websites, ads

The most popular escort directory in Poland that has a good verification process is eurogirlsescort.com . On this site the verified girls are verified by their ID or passport, which is the best and the most reliable way to verify escort profiles. When choosing a verified escort girl from EuroGirlsEscort you can be almost 100% sure that you’re meeting a real person and a stable provider. On this directory you can also choose if you want to meet an independent escort or an agency escort. If you value discretion and individuality, I strongly recommend choosing an independent escort.

In Poland there is also a local website roksa.pl, however the verification process on this website is not the best. The girls do not provide any documents. They only send their photos with visible face. Actually the “verified” status on Roksa means only that the pictures are verified and show the person that created the profile. There is no ID/passport verification on Roksa. There is also no information about wheather the girl is independent or if she works for an agency. There are many agency escorts on that website that pretend to be independent and many profiles of massage parlour girls that pretend to be private providers. So I’d rather recommend using eurogirlsescort. It’s a lot safer. On Roksa there’s a big risk of finding girl that is fake. 

Another advantage of booking girl that advertises on eurogirlsescort.com is that those girls mostly speak English. Many women (especially 45+ ) that advertise on Roksa do not speak English and do not have advertisements written in English. They do not have rates set in Euro and many of them do not accept Euro.

Here are the links to independent, verified profiles in the major cities of Poland

And here are my reccomendations - the list of my friends based in major Polish cities that are independent, reputable escorts.

Poland red districts - escorts, prostitution in Poland

Are there redlight districts in Poland?

Polish Escort Guide - red districts

Rather not. As agencies and brothels are not legal in Poland, it is not common to find districts in the Polish cities where prostitution would be visible, obvious and offered very officially. It’s not common anymore for the girls to work on the streets neither. Most of the girls have their ads online, they work for incalls or outcalls and do not work on the streets of the cities. However there are women that work next to the main roads connecting big cities of Poland. Sometimes while driving a car you can see the girls standing next to the road dressed up in a way that suggest their profession. Generally they offer quick and quite cheap services that are mainly used by truck drivers (“tir” drivers), that’s why informally those girls are called “tirówki” in Poland.

go go clubs, strip clubs in Poland

The go go clubs - to go or not to go?

Polish Escort Guide - strip clubs

The only adult entertainment that is easily noticible in the cities of Poland are strip clubs. In the strip clubs the only official services are dancing, lap dancing and “private dancing”. During the private dance sometimes you can get lucky and get a blowjob after paying extra. But that really depends on the club and the girl. Nothing is guaranteed in this kind of place.

When visiting the strip club you should be always careful. Or to be honest – it’s better not to go there at all. The entrance fee, drinks and additional services in the strip clubs are super super expensive. After one visit you can lose really a lot of money. Especially when you are a foreigner. Strip clubs usually trigger foreign guests and try to make as much money of them as possible. During the summer, in the evenings, when you are a single man walking on the main streets or if you are with your male friends, you can meet a man or a woman that will invite you to the club and will try hard to convince you to enter the club for example by giving you a “great deal” – that if you go with him/her now, you will get 50% off for an entrance fee. Generally if you want to have real fun and not lose the fortune, it’s better to avoid go go clubs and just book a private escort that is also a stripper and have the full service for a certain, sure price.

erotic massage in Poland - Polish Escort Guide

Massage parlors and independent masseuses

Polish Escort Guide - erotic massage, tantric massage, body to body massages

It’s very popular in Poland to offer erotic massages for men. Some masseuses work independently and some work for massage parlors / agencies. Going to an independent massage therapist and to a massage parlor is legal.
Usually masseuses offer a classic happy ending massage, Swedish massage, body to body (nuru) massage, tantric massage or a mix of massages that often has some original names. Masseuses sometimes offer extra services like blowjob, sex, multiple finales, duo massage, footjob or taking a bath together etc.
When booking a massage session always make sure if the girl is independent or if it’s a massage salon, if she provides a professional massage or if the amateurish massage is just an addition to sex, make sure what kind of massage you’re booking, what services are included, how much time of the actual massage you will get and for what price.

If you're interested in erotic massage in Warsaw, you can get familiar with my offer here:

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Booking escort in Poland - outcalls in hotel

Can I invite an escort to my hotel room when visiting Poland?

Polish Escort Guide - outcall escort meetings in hotels

Yes. Many escorts in Poland offer outcall services and visit clients in hotels – often they visit only 4* and 5* hotels.
You can invite an escort to your hotel room. Usually the hotel staff don’t care who comes to your room – as long as it’s quiet, clean and you pay, they make no problems.
Remember that many hotels in Poland have lifts that you can use only when you have the card, so in most cases you will need to go down and pick up the girl from lobby or meet at the bar first.

How much does an escort meeting cost in Poland?

What are the prices for escort service in Poland?

Polish Escort Guide - rates

That depends on the city – small cities are cheaper, main cities of Poland like Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan and Gdansk are more expensive and Warsaw (the capital) is the most expensive.
It also depends on what kind of service you need, how much effort the girl puts into her work, what incall apartment she has, how long she’s been working, what approach she has towards her work (if she prefers quality o quantity) and many, many other factors.

For example 1h basic erotic massage can cost around 200-300 PLN. If it’s body to body, tantric massage or it has some extra options it can cost 300-600 PLN.

Basic 1h meeting with an escort usually costs around 200-400 PLN depending on the girl. Escorts with wider services, high class escorts and girls working occasionally usually have rates 500-1400 PLN / h.

Deposits - Polish Escort Guide

Are deposits required while booking a meeting with an escort in Poland?

Polish Escort Guide - deposits

Deposits in Poland are not very popular yet. There are a few providers that require deposits. They are usually reputable, verified and have worked in the industry under the same name for a long time. Before sending a deposit to the girl, make sure she is verified and learn carfully about the individual deposit rules of the escort of your choice.

Polish escort guide - tips for clients visiting Poland

5 things that you should know before booking an escort in Poland

Polish Escort Guide - final tips

1. Official curency in Poland is PLN and it’s often the only currency accepted by the girls. Always ask if the girl that you’re meeting accepts Euro or Dollars and if not, prepare the right amount of PLN.
2. Most of escorts in Poland will ask you to pay for the meeting in the beginning. Be a gentleman and pay without her asking. If you want the girl to come to your place, you will often be asked to pay the girl back for taxi.
3. It’s common that the girl booking an incall meeting for you will ask you to confirm the meeting a few hours before the meeting time and only after the confirmation she will give you the address.
4. Legal age to have sex in Poland is 15 years old, however having sex with an escort is a totally different thing and the escort always must be at least 18 years old. If you have any doubts about the escort’s age, it’s better to pass and find someone that you’re sure that’s adult.
5. Alcohol in Poland is legal. Drugs of any kind, in any amount are illegal. Drinking alcohol in public places as parks and streets is illegal. Smoking in public places is forbidden. Legal age to drink alcohol and smoke in Poland is 18 years old.

I hope that this Polish Escort Guide was helpful for you. If you have any questions or if you feel that I missed some important information, feel free to send me an email. If there are some questions that are frequently asked, I might add them to the Polish Escort Guide.

Stay save and have fun.

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