What an Ideal Erotic Massage Should Be Like

What is my idea of a perfect erotic massage session? What can you expect at an erotic massage with me?

Professional erotic massage

Massage should be a relaxing and pleasurable experience. It should make the client calm and blissfull. Erotic massage is not only a sensual experience – client should be able to benefit from the massage and fully relax.

My massage is always adjusted to the client. As a  professional masseuse I know how to adjust the techniques to release the muscle tension, reduce the muscle soreness or just put a stressed client in a calm, blissfull mood.

In my massages I use many various techniques from different massages from all around the world to provide a massage that  you can really benefit from.

Cosy atmosphere

Atmosphere during the massage is as important as the massage itself. The room where the massage takes place should be well prepared for the session. Calm music, dimmed light and maybe a few candles can create a cosy SPA atmosphere in every bedroom.

Atmosphere is not only what’s around us. It’s also what’s in us and between us. Client and masseuse should always feel comfortable with each other and trust each other. A good atmosphere during such an intimite ritual is based on mutual respect, understanding and open communication.

What an ideal erotic massage should be like | Erotic Massage Warsaw

Masseuse that is focused on you

Erotic massage is a very unique type of session. It requires the masseuse to be fully focused on the client and his needs. She must observe how the client responds to certain type of stimulation and do her best to create an enjoyable, personalized experience for him.

On an erotic massage session I always take care of my clients to lead them through a wonderful session and fulfill their needs.

True sensuality

Sensuality and passion is not something you can fake or force. I believe that in order to be able to give a good sensual massage, you must really love what you do.

True sensuality and authentic passion is an essential element of every erotic massage and it’s the best when both parties enjoy it.

Passionate Happy Ending

During a sensual massage a client should relax deeply first to be able to enjoy a subtle touch and caress during the happy ending. An exception may be the Happy Beginning Massage.

When you’re relaxed and calm and you feel how the massage is changing into more sensual, it’s very erousing. When you feel how the masseuse gently rubs your thighs and intimate parts with her fingertips it feels like heaven.

I love building up an erotic tension at the end of the session and I treat the happy ending like a slow foreplay. There’s nor rush, no pressure, just pure pleasure and erotism.

A Happy Ending Massage with me may involve Lingam massage – a sensual intimate massage that for many men is even more enjoyable than sex. For men who enjoy long intimate mssage, I suggest trying Lingam massage with edging.

Another type of happy ending is a finale in a true GFE style – with lots of passionate kisses, mutual touch and wonderful sex. These types of erotic finale make the session really exciting and extremely satisfying.

For men who prefer to receive the sensual part of massage at the begining of the session, a Happy Beginning Massage will be the most satifying option.

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