What is Nuru massage? What is body-to-massage?

What is Nuru massage (body-to-body-massage)? How does a session look like?

Nuru massage is very popular amongs erotic masseuses. You can find many Nuru massage offers on erotic directories. Body-to-body massage is also often chosen by the clients. It’s one of the most sensual massages of all. Maybe you’ve considered getting a Nuru massage, but you didn’t know what to expect. From this article you will find out, what is Nuru massage (body-to-body-massage), how it is done and how to receive it.

What is Nuru massage?

Nuru massage is a kind of an erotic massage made body-to-body. It comes from Japan, probably from Kawasaki city. The name of Nuru massage means “smooth / slippery” in Japanese and is a good reflection of the massage. Nuru is usually done with the use of special, slippery gel, but often the masseuses use regular massage oil or mix of scented oils.

Nuru massage is also called body-to-body massage or b2b.

How does a Nuru massage look like?

How is the Nuru massage done? What to expect on body-to-body massage session?

Nuru massage is a rather light, delicate massage. The purpose of massage is to relax the client and make him aroused.
During the massage the client and masseuse are both naked. At first the client lays on his front. After spreading the oil or gel on the partner’s body, the masseuse starts rubbing the client with her body. She slowly rubs his whole body with her breasts, stomach, thighs, calves, buttocks and with feet. One of the most relaxing parts of the massage is rubbing the back with forearms.
During the second part of massage the client lays on his back. The girl rubs his whole body and his intimate parts with her breasts and belly. Masseuse can rub the client in different positions – facing the client or in a 69 position. This positon gives the client amazing views.
Nuru massage is usually finished with sensual happy ending that leads to fulfillment.

How to receive Nuru massage?

Every masseuse gives a different Nuru massage: the range and rules usually are different. It affect a lot the way that you may receive the massage.

Usually on the Nuru massage mutual touch is allowed – you can touch and rub the masseuse. Often mutual carress (also oral) is allowed too. Sometimes it’s also possible to kiss masseuse’s body or kiss her on the lips.

During the massage focus mainly on relaxing and receiving the touch. If it’s possible, enjoy the mutual touch and interaction. Receive the pleasure that the girl gives you and don’t rush to the happy ending. After a long and exciting body-to-body massage youe extasy will be amazing.

How to receive erotic Nuru massage?

Nuru massage - variants and additions

Nuru massage can be the only part of the session, but usually it is included as one of its elements. Body to body massage can be mixed with other massages (often with Swedish massage) or it can be enriched with various additions like: shower or bath together with a masseuse, mutual touch, mutual massage, oral sex (giving and receiving), footjob, multiple fulfillment or classic sex.

Nuru massage - my sessions

Nuru massage is a part of my 2 massages: Hot Nuru massage and GFE massage. During those sessions mutual touch and mutual massage is allowed. The session can begin and finish with shower or bath together. Hot Nuru massage is finished with Lingam massage or a blowjob and GFE massage is finishd with passionate classic sex and oral sex.

For me the most important thing in Nuru massage is interaction. A truly sensual Nuru massage is a session of mutual touch and mutual pleasure. It’s a massage during which both partners decide about how it goes and what happens next.

Nuru massage is an unusual, sensual and very arousing massage that gives relaxation and stimulates the senses. Every Nuru session is unique and special.

Have you ever had Nuru massage? Or maybe you’re planning to try it?
What would be the most important for you on the massage? How would a perfect Nuru massage look in your opinion? Let me know in the comments ;*

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