5 Reasons Why You Should Try a Sensual Massage.

If you’ve never tried an erotic massage, you’re missing a lot. Maybe you considered having an erotic massage sessions, but you weren’t sure if it’s the thing for you. Let me show you the 5 big reasons why you should no longer hesitate and try a professional erotic massage.

Relaxation - reset and rest like you've never rested before

In your everyday life you get strongly stimulated by the environment in so many ways. Your brain and your nervous system rarely get proper rest and time to switch off and recharge. When you come to a massage session you put everything aside – all your devices that constantly send you reminders, emails, messages, requests, notifications, invitations, news, alerts and spam for your brain.

During a massage there is a wonderful, calm atmosphere and all the stimuli you get are positive, delicate, slow and soothing. Slow music, gentle touch, warm lights of aroma candles softly illuminating the dimmed massage room.

You receive a nice, caring touch, the massage relaxes your muscles and helps them regenerate, your mind slows downs, your stressed body relaxes. It’s such a deep and blissfull relaxed state. You feel like you’re half concious and half asleep. You feel like you’re floating above the bed and your body is filled with joy and pleasure. It’s really a wonderful feeling. It’s so hard to describe it in words. You just need to try it.

Why you should try an erotic massage - 5 reasons why it's a good idea to try an erotic massage in Warsaw.

Discover your body, your needs and new kinds of pleasure

An erotic massage involves a sensual massage of intimate parts. The sensual aspect is one of the differences between a regular relaxing massage and an erotic massage.

Erotic masseuse is an expert in sensual touch. She can give you a totally different type of pleasure by touching you in a very different way than your previous partners.

For example by giving you Lingam massage – slow, sensitive and long massage of your penis and intimate areas that focuses on giving you pleasure without any rush. During a Lingam massage you can experience the lovely touch for a very long time and enjoy the sweet waves of pleasure without even ejaculating (read more about edging). Lingam massage is very diverse and extremely satisfying. Sometimes it can be even better than sex.

By experiencing this kind of touch you can review the way you perceive sexual pleasure as well as your expectations towards sex, orgasm, your performance during sexual activities and sensual interaction with partners. Intimate massage can actually make your sexual habits more healthy and improve your sex life.

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Learn to be here and now

Massage session is the time when you can get detached from your responsibilities, your phone, your schedule or even forget about controlling the time. You can focus your thoughts on what’s happening now or try to think about nothing at all.

Usually it’s easy to let your thoughts get driven away and start thinking about responsibilities and all of that again. Massage session is a great time for you to practice awareness – being here and now, experiencing fully everything that’s going on around by staying focused on the present moment. With such a mindset you can get even more benefits from the session.

Explore woman's body and find out how to give pleasure

Depending on what type of erotic massage you choose, you may get a chance to try a mutual massage. The masseuse can guide you and show you some massage techniques that you can try to perform on her.

You may also try to give her an intimate massage. If there are some things you wanted to ask about or there are some areas you always wanted to study a bit closer and really explore the woman’s body, it’s the perfect opportunity.

A masseuse can give you suggestions on what to improve or what things to do differently. That way you can practice to communicate during intimate moments and learn how to touch and stimulate your partner to make her relaxed and give her lots of pleasure.

Improve the quality of your everyday life by staying relaxed and refreshed

Regular intimate massages and orgasms can benefit your body in many ways – lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system and reduce stress. Getting relaxing massages can really improve your everyday life. When you make massage your weekly habit, you don’t let the tension and stress to accumulate in your body. If there is some pain or stiffness that you notice, you can reduce it on your next visit and start the new week with refreshed mind, regenerated and rested body and with lots of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins circulating in your body and doing all the wonderful things in your system.

So, have you decided to try an erotic massage yet? If so, then consider checking out my services and booking an erotic massage session in Warsaw.

Sensual massage in Warsaw with Nicole Kaminski

I’m an independent, professional masseuse based in Warsaw, Poland. On my blog, I write about subjects related to my work: erotic massage, sensuality & intimacy. You can also find here interesting posts for massage clients and helpful tips for gentlemen planning to book an erotic massage in Warsaw.

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