How Clients fall for Escort Scams

Find out how clients fall for escort scams and what you can learn from their mistakes.

As a client you should always be careful when dating escorts and make sure you’re engaging only with reputable, reliable escort girls. If you ignore the basic safety rules, you will sooner or later be a victim of an escort scam.

How clients fall for escort scams

Biggest clients' mistake that may result in being scammed

  • Booking unverified escorts with low-quality profiles. To ensure they’re meeting a real person, clients should always choose only verified escort girls from reputable escort directories (such as EuroGirlsEscort)
  • Not doing proper research about the girl. If a client found a verified escort he wants to meet, he should check if she has social media, website, verified reviews. If she doesn’t have any online presence, she might not be safe to meet. Reliable escorts always do their best to build solid and trustworthy profiles for their future clients.
  • Ignoring red flags. For example if an escort works with a few different phone numbers, different names, pretends to be different girls – she’s most likely a scam. Note that some escorts might change their name once or twice during their career for rebranding purposes, but they do it officially and inform about their new name / phone number / new website address. However, if an escort works for just a few months and then deletes her ads, changes photos, phone number and name, it’s a huge red flag.
  • Losing head and choosing unreal beauties. When choosing an escort, clients shouldn’t go crazy for beautiful girls with wide range of services in affordable prices that just seem unreal. As I said in of my previous posts, if something seems too good to be true, it’s probably not true.
  • Sending deposits to random girls or sending it without reading deposit policy. If a client sends a deposit to a random, non-verified girl, he may get scammed. If he sends a deposit without reading the deposit rules and it happens he must reschedule a date and he loses a deposit, then he might be surprised and feel scammed (although he were just uninformed by choice). It’s important to know the booking and deposit rules before booking an escort.
  • Not knowing the pricing and not agreeing the details. For example, a client is interested in some service and at the meeting it turns out he has to pay extra. He is surprised and feels scammed, but it’s just because he didn’t take time to read the rates page and didn’t ask about the service details and the final price before the meeting.
  • Booking random girls from shady agiencies. This is such a common mistake. A client finds an agency that doesn’t have any legit website or social media and books a meeting. Then he gets a date with the first available girl and gets scammed, because she looks nothing like the girls in the ads. You should know that agencies often use baught pictures or a selection of the best pictures of the prettiest girls that have worked in the agency over the last decades – so their photos are not a good representation of the girls that curently work there. If an agency doesn’t have a website with a listing of profiles with original, current photos of each girl and a client can not choose a girl he wants to meet, he shouldn’t even bother booking anyone from there.

As you can see there’s a lot clients can do to take care of their safety when meeting escorts.

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