10 rules: How To Be a Good Client? Do’s and Don’ts you must know

Being a good escort client is easy. Check out those 10 basic rules on how to be a good client that escorts want to meet again.

Read her website

The first thing to do is to read her website in detail. Learn more about her, her services, her rates. Check out her availability and her booking instructions. When you contact her actually knowing what’s on her website, you will make a good first impression. There’s nothing worse you can do than reach out to an escort and ask all the basic questions and waste her time.

Book in advance

When you plan to date an escort, contact her in advance. Usually escorts are not available for last-minute bookings and expect clients to schedule meetings a day or a few days in advance.

How to be a good escort client? 10 rules for clients

Approach her properly

The first contact you make with an escort is really important. Make sure you approach her the way she prefers. If she expects email, send her an email. If she prefers Whatsapp, contact her on Whatsapp. Notice that many escorts don’t make bookings by a phone call and don’t answer phone calls at all. Never ever call (or even worse, videocall) an escort if she stated clearly not to do that.

Respect her booking process and rules

Every escort has her rules and her booking process she made for a reason. As a client you should always accept and respect her rules and the booking process. If you can’t accept some rules / booking steps, simply move on and find another provider. Never try to skip the deposit or providing information she asks for. Always introduce yourself properly, tell her what you expect at the meeting (istead of saying “I like what you do, I want everything”) etc.

Respect her time

Soooo many potential clients waste escorts time, it’s really hard to imagine unless you’ve  spent a day answering clients messages. Don’t be one of those clients. Respecting (and disrespecting) her time can be shown in so many ways. 

  • Don’t ask for dicounts. If you can’t pay her rate, just find someone in your budget. Asking escort to do her work for less money is really rude.
  • Don’t overstay. If you’ve booked a 3h date, stay 3h, not 4h. When time is up, slowly finish the meeting. Don’t wait until escort tells you that you’re over the time.
  • Let her know if you’re running late. If you need to rescheudle the meeting, let her know in advance if possible. If you meet for incall, don’t show up earlier or at least text her to ask if you can come earlier and if she’s ready.
  • Send a proper booking request and book smoothly without too much messaging back and forth etc. Remember that booking process is just for booking. It’s not time for chatting and getting to know each other.

Pay at the beginning of a date

When you meet your companion, pay her at the beginning. Don’t wait until she asks for the money. Make sure you know how she wants to receive the money. For example many escorts prefer if you put the money in the envelope and put it in a visible place so she can easily collect them when she arrives while others like it when you hand them money directly.

Be well prepared and clean

This is such a basic and obvious thing. Sadly, not for everyone… When dating, always be clean, fresh and well prepared for intimate time. When you arrive at her inall, take a quick shower again to refresh. Make sure your breath is fresh, your hands are neat etc.

Be gentle

Always be gentle. When you kiss her, when you touch her, when you have sex with her. If you like to go wild or you’d like to do something harder, ask her if it’s okay. Doing something wild out of nowhere, squizzing her boobs hard or going in way too deep is something you shouldn’t do.

Respect her boundaries

Respectinig boundaries is a base of a good relation with escort (with every single person you meet actually). If you disrespect her boundaries, you can be sure she will not want to meet you again. If she doesn’t consent to do something, simply accept that. Don’t ask her to justify her decisions, don’t try to convinice her. Simply accept that no is no.

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